Soundrel's Honor

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Soundrel's Honor

Knowing that her younger sister Anya had been tricked into leaving her family home, Emma Linley-Kirov travels to St. Petersburg and makes a deal with the devil. Dimitri Tipova is a seductive rascal and the only man who can help her. How far can Emma trust a man whose motive is cold, hard vengeance?

As one of the czar’s of St. Petersburg’s underworld, Dimitri has everything a man could want wealth, power, and women – yet it hasn’t given him what he wants most, revenge against his depraved father. Dimitri sees Emma as a tool to be used and as their dangerous pursuit takes them from the palaces of Russia to the muggy streets of Cairo, his attraction for her grows. Will he choose his obsession for revenge over the promise of love?

Scoundrel’s Honor is a superbly written historical romance. I was captivated by Rosemary Rogers' storytelling. The author developed characters and a storyline that grabbed my attention and kept me turning the pages. The scenery as described by the author made me feel as if I was a part of the action. The romance between Dimitri and Emma was superb.

Emma Linley-Kirov’s was charged with running her Russian father’s household and taking care of her younger sister due to her British mother’s early death. Her father’s unexpected death forces Emma to turn their home into an inn which brings men with nefarious plans into their lives. Emma is strong willed, courageous and determined to succeed and provide for her family. Refusing to become any nobleman’s mistress she has given up her childhood hopes for romance and has become what we would consider a liberated woman. Her behavior is before it’s time. Her sister’s kidnapping forces Emma to reach out to a distant family member allied to the Emperor, Herrick Gerhardt. His assistance leads her to Dimitri, a man more challenging than any she’s ever encountered.

Dimitri Tipova is extremely handsome, magnetic and hot blooded. He is also cold, calculating and controlling, behavior he learned due to his difficult and treacherous childhood. Dimitri desires revenge against his father, Count Nevskaya, for the circumstances of his birth and his mother’s early death. When Herrick Gerhardt arranges for Dimitri to meet Emma, he realizes she may hold the keys to getting his revenge. He’s not above using a woman to get what he wants, though he will draw the line at intentionally putting her in harm’s way. The immediate physical attraction that he feels towards Emma is not a part of his plans.

The scenes with Emma and Dimitri are fantastic, the dialogue is sharp and engaging and the sexual tension that develops between them is hot. Neither expected to fall in love but they can’t deny what grows between them. The supporting cast is pivotal to the plot from Count Nevskaya and his evil cronies to Josef, Dimitri’s closest assistant who made me laugh. The plot moves at a very good pace with plenty of twists and turns due to the nature of the subplot which involves the trafficking of young women for sex and profit.

At the end the darker elements of the story are resolved in a very satisfactory manner. The romance between Dimitri and Emma has come full circle and we are provided with a happy ending. I loved this book and highly recommend it if you are looking for an action filled historical romance. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Rogers’ work.

Book Blurb for Soundrel's Honor

When her younger sister is abducted, strong-willed Emma Linley-Kirov will make a deal with the devil himself to rescue her. Devastatingly handsome, Dimitri Tipova is a scoundrel, seducer…and the only man who can help her, though his motive is cold, hard vengeance. Emma dares to trust him, but at what price?

As prince of Saint Petersburg's underworld, Dimitri has wealth, power, women—everything but revenge against his nefarious father. Emma is an enchanting means to an end. But as their dangerous pursuit sweeps them from the ballrooms of Russia to the steamy streets of Cairo, his savage desire for her grows. And leads him to a crossroads between his dark obsession…and the promise of love.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00