Siren's Surrender

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Siren's Surrender

A Dark Tides Novel

Gwen Lonike has never been comfortable with her mermaid heritage. She’s spent her adult life on land, running her small hotel, By the Sea, in Port Rock, Maine and worrying about finding good help. Gwen is lonely, she’s afraid if people discover her family’s non-human heritage she’ll be rejected or persecuted. She hasn’t been able to let anyone get close and has never had an intimate relationship with a man- something she desperately wants now that her older sister, Tessa, has recently gotten married. Gwen doesn’t realize that Tessa’s accidental opening of an undersea portal to Ishaldi, her family’s long lost Mer kingdom, will change her opinion on her heritage and give her a chance at love.

Blake Whittaker has never wanted to come back to Port Rock, Maine- his childhood home. Working for a secret branch of the FBI, he’s been sent to question Tessa and her husband, Kenneth Randall, about what they may have seen in the Ocean while they were attempting to recover lost treasure. The government is aware that paranormal activity has suddenly spiked in the area they were visiting. Blake is a damaged hero, he survived an emotionally and physically abusive mother and has managed to overcome his fears and build a career for himself in a branch of the government that is aware that aliens do exist- he just wasn’t prepared to actually meet any or to fall in love with one.

Siren’s Surrender, the second Dark Tides Novel, is a passionate, action filled thriller which makes you think about how a person would feel if they are captured and held prisoner because of their heritage. Devyn Quinn did an excellent job developing both human and non-human characters for this story that are engaging and realistic. The scenes between Gwen and Blake are well done and the dialogue is sharp. They have great chemistry but their romance isn’t easy, they have to conquer their fear of letting someone get close and learn to forgive others for their mistakes which includes dealing with Blake’s relationship with his ex and his son Trevor. The secondary characters contribute a lot to their story. I especially enjoyed re-meeting Tessa and Addison, Gwen’s sisters, and Kenneth Randall, Tessa’s husband. Ms. Quinn also did an excellent job with the three antagonists in this story, two that we’ve met before – Jake Massey and Queen Magaera – two selfish and self-centered beings who want power and money and Blake’s superiors at the FBI – whose motives and plans could be the biggest threat of all.

The conclusion to this story is just right for both Gwen and Blake, who realize that to have a relationship; they will both have to make some adjustments. I’m look forward to the third book in this series, Siren’s Desire, which will feature the youngest Lonike sister, Addison, and is scheduled for release in February 2012.

Book Blurb for Siren's Surrender

Never embracing her mermaid heritage, Gwen Lonike lives in the human world as the owner of a Maine B&B. But when the gateway to a lost mermaid kingdom is opened, freeing its dangerous queen, Gwen can no longer hide, nor keep her secret from covert agent Blake Whittaker, who's assigned to trail a strange thread of paranormal activity.

How long can Gwen and her sisters remain safe from a destructive queen, and from Blake's superiors, whose ultimate mission could prove the greatest threat of all?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00