Seriana Found

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Seriana Found

Book four in the Life in the Vrail Series

Seriana Blue is determined to live a life that is not tied to her father’s piracy or to his second in command, Abjon Afier. She ran away from home and has been hoping from planet to planet in an attempt to avoid being captured and returned to her father, Rover Blue. She’s sure that her father wants to force her marriage to Abjon and knows that while her father allowed her to come and go as she pleased, that Abjon would never be so lenient. Seriana has enjoyed her freedom and intends to keep it even to if she has to wear a disguise for long periods of time. She’s always been attracted to Abjon but doesn’t believe that any relationship with him would work as long as he is involved in illegal activity and she knows he’ll never give up piracy.

Abjon Afier is determined to make Seriana Blue his in every way. He wants to bind her to him emotionally and physically. His people, the Ragga, are known for their size and strength and he is determined that Seriana will be his lifemate. He believes that he can convince her to stay with him and is not above seducing her to get what he wants. When he finally locates her on the planet Alfera, he disguises himself and his assistant and begins a game of cat and mouse with Seriana as the ultimate goal. He’s determined that she won’t escape him again.

The interaction between Seriana and Abjon is fraught with sexual tension, they are incredibly attracted to each other yet neither really listen’s to the other. They both talk at each other but neither appears to really talk to the other. Seriana is positive that she knows everything there is to know about Abjon and instead of telling him what she wants; she rejects him at every turn. For his part, Abjon is afraid to be hurt and rejected so he assumes that Seriana has a problem with the fact that he is Ragga or that she’s afraid of him for some unknown reason. Abjon finally realizes that he needs to try something different and actually begins to have real conversations with her which enable Seriana to start to build some trust in him and open her mind to the possibility of a relationship with him. When her father arrives unannounced on the planet both Seriana and Abjon have decisions to make that will affect the rest of their lives.

The author did a good job developing and keeping the sexual tension between Seriana and Abjon. The secondary characters were well written but didn’t have much interaction in the story. Overall this is a fast and easy story to read. The dialogue between the characters was interesting and kept my attention throughout the book. I would have liked for Seriana and Abjon to have developed a deeper emotional connection and more growth as a couple prior to facing Seriana’s father, Rover Blue, but overall I was satisfied with how the story ended.

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A notorious pirate, a man from a planet that gives birth to the strongest men in the System, and known for his ruthless tenacity, Abjon Afier wants one thing, and one thing only. Seriana Blue. For years he'd coveted his captain's beautiful daughter, but he had work to do before he could claim her.

He bides his time until the moment is right. But before he can state his intentions, the stubborn woman flees into the dark recesses of space. Nothing, not peacemakers, slavers, or her infamous father will stop him from getting what he wants.

On the run from a pirate as ruthless as her father, Seriana darts from planet to planet, all too aware her capture is inevitable. Abjon is domineering, strong, and crafty. She knows what he wants but has no intention of falling back into the criminal lifestyle she's fought so hard to escape. Yet instead of the imprisonment she so dreads, she finds passion and much, much more in her pursuer's strong arms. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.50