Saving Christmas

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Saving Christmas

When the local mall Santa Clause is kidnapped in front of a group of caroling school kids, all eyes turn to Detective Doug Brophy, who is assigned the case. Charged with solving the crime and saving the holiday, Doug finds himself working with Paulina Smithfield, a member of the Mayor’s staff and the woman whose heart he broke six months ago.

Forced to work together, Doug and Paulina must face their past as they race against time to save Santa. When a threat against Paulina places them together on a cold night their ongoing attraction heats up. Doug and Paula realize they’ll have to deal with their memories and the pain holding them back.

Will Paulina give Doug a second chance? Or will a madman get away with stealing Christmas?

Saving Christmas by Christina James is a fast past paced second chance romance with a holiday mystery taking place in the background. Set in the Pacific Northwest, the story revolves around the kidnapping of the local mall “Santa Clause”, the cop assigned with solving the case and saving the holiday, and the mayor’s public relations expert, who just happens to be the woman the cop dropped six months before. While the pace moves well for a mystery, in my opinion it was a bit too fast and busy for the romance trying to take place.

Detective Doug Brophy is suffering from an early case of holiday burnout when he’s assigned to solve the case of the kidnapped mall Santa Clause. Not getting the big deal about the missing Santa, Doug is surprised by the number of brokenhearted children who believe that Christmas will be cancelled if he doesn’t rescue Santa Clause in time. Assigned a public relations expert liaison from the mayor’s office, Doug is not thrilled to discover that he’ll have to work with Paulina Smithfield, a woman he stopped seeing six months ago.

Paulina Smithfield has worked hard to get where she is in the Mayor’s office. Assigned to assist the police in their handling of the kidnapped Santa Clause case, she can’t believe she’ll have to work with Detective Doug Brophy, the man who dumped her six months ago. Putting her career before her pride, Paulina is determined to solve the case and move on with her life. She never planned on giving Doug a second chance.

The scenes between Doug and Paulina are full of angst and smoldering chemistry. While they’re both determined to solve the case as fast as they can, Paulina can’t help but wonder what went wrong between them in the past. When Paulina’s life is threatened, Doug realizes just what he could really lose, the woman he loves. Determined to make things right, Doug decides to trust Paulina with the truth and hopes that she’ll give him another chance. While I’m all in favor of giving love a second chance, I felt the pace for this part of the story was wrong – it takes time and work to build trust and that’s something Ms. James didn’t give these characters.

As Doug and Paulina get closer to solving the case and the pace speeds up, will Doug be able to keep Paulina safe? Or will she too become the victim of the holiday madman? You’ll have to read Saving Christmas to find out.

Book Blurb for Saving Christmas

The unthinkable happens: Santa Claus is kidnapped one week before Christmas--in front of a group of caroling school children no less. Now all eyes are on Detective Doug Brophy to rescue Santa and save the holiday. But solving the crime means working with Paulina Smithfield, the woman whose heart he broke six months earlier.

Thrust together for the investigation, Doug and Paulina are forced to face a past they thought they'd buried. With memories and hurt feelings simmering just below the surface, they race against time to rescue Santa. But when they end up alone together on a cold night, attraction flares, and the fire roaring in the hearth is nothing compared to the heat burning between them.

Can Paulina give Doug the second chance he needs to prove his love? Or will a madman steal their future and destroy Christmas?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.00