Satisfying Sophie

Sophie Jensen is intelligent, hard working, charming and very attractive. She owns half of a graphic design and advertising company that she started with her best friend from college, Jordan Cooper. Both Sophie and Jordan share a house with Sam Houston, a close friend that they have known since their college days. At the beginning of this novel, Sophie is in the process of being dumped by her boyfriend of 5 weeks.

Sophie is very understanding while she is being dumped, in fact she was expecting to be dumped but she had hoped that the relationship would last a little while longer. Sophie has never had a successful long term relationship with a member of the opposite sex, an incident in Sophie’s past has left her with a secret and with quite a bit of emotional baggage. She has been unable to have an intimate sexual relationship with anyone, she’s not a virgin, but she has never enjoyed sex and never had an orgasm. While she is trying to explain to her housemates that her relationship just ended, Sophie inadvertently shares a little bit of information as to why the relationship failed.

Both Jordan and Sam are surprised by the information that Sophie shared with them because they both find her highly attractive. They hatch a plan to help Sophie with her problem, a plan of gradual seduction.   Ms. McKnight does an excellent job of transitioning their relationship from best friends to potential and eventual lovers. All three characters grow throughout this story, from one of the men realizing that the love he feels towards Sophie is the familial kind and that he wants it to remain that way to the other man realizing that he wants Sophie in an amorous and possibly permanent relationship. What is really emphasized is that that what makes all of their relationships work is trust, that the giving and receiving of trust is paramount to any real love.

I was completely captivated by this short novel by Ms. McKnight. She took a story of personal growth and wove it into a beautifully erotic tale. Ms. McKnight touched on a topic that is pertinent to all women; the idea of physical perfection. Sophie has emotional issues throughout this book due to perceiving her physical body as less than perfect. We get to see every step that Sophie takes on her journey to self acceptance.  I especially liked how Ms. McKnight phrased her feelings about this in the acknowledgement page of the book, “Facing and accepting your flaws is a powerful and courageous thing to do, made all the more beautiful when there’s someone in your corner cheering you on, as Sam and Jordan do for Sophie.” I was also impressed with how the spicier and sexual aspects of this book were written; they certainly raised my internal temperature and made me wish that I could take Sophie’s place. This is a book that I can easily see myself reading again and again. I do hope that we get to see these characters again in another book by Ms. McKnight.

Book Blurb for Satisfying Sophie

Sophie has never had an orgasm. Too much guilt and a horrific teenage tragedy have left her self-conscious about her body. But her two roommates and best friends, Sam and Jordan, find Sophie beyond desirable. Together, they set a steamy seduction into play that awakens Sophie’s passion…and her love for Sam.
Both men are more than willing to help satisfy her sexually. To finally free herself from the pains of the past and accept love in her life, Sophie must reveal her darkest secret to Sam. And hope he returns her love, even knowing her deepest flaws.
Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the title A Subtle Seduction and has been revised for Ellora’s Cave.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00