Restless Heart

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Restless Heart

Destiny Hart never dreamed that accompanying her friends to the Kentucky Idol competition would lead to becoming a contestant herself. She enters on a dare, and her singing talent makes her a winner. Although she doesn’t advance all the way, the experience fires a dream of becoming a singer, a dream not everyone initially supports for her. She must decide what is important to her, and whether to follow her heart, or her family’s wishes.

After four years of struggling to be noticed in a town filled with hope and broken dreams, Destiny finally gets her break. As she gains success, she is torn between career and family, a family that wants Destiny to come home. Will Destiny be able to find a way to balance career success and family?

Restless Heart by Wynona Judd is a heartwarming story about love and pursuing your dreams. I fell in love with the characters and with this “inside” look at what it takes to make it in “Music City”. It’s clear that Ms. Judd relied on her knowledge of the country music industry, and she did a fantastic job of incorporating it into this contemporary romance.

Destiny Hart is a great heroine; she’s very young at the start of the book, having just graduated from high school. She wants to do something meaningful with her life, she just didn’t know what it would be until she got on stage and her singing let her connect with the crowd. Destiny finds herself at odds with her father over her choice to pursue her music instead of going to college, while her mother supports her decision to pursue her dream. Her friends are also divided over her choice, two support her choice but the young man she loves, Seth, does not. Destiny finds herself making a tough choice at a young age but luckily she has enough strength of character to pursue her dream.

The secondary characters in this story are very well developed and contribute much to the story. I fell in love with Destiny’s family. From her mother, Sara, who gave her daughter a love of music and supported her decision to pursue her dreams, to her younger sister, Grace, who helps to keep Destiny grounded and becomes involved in her career. I even liked her father, John, a retired Air Force colonel, who loves his daughter, even if he doesn’t support her decisions at first. I also fell in love with Seth, the boy next door, who loves Destiny but is afraid of losing her to a career that will take her away from him. While Seth doesn’t support her decision at first he does change his mind and becomes one of her staunchest supporters.

The secondary characters helped to keep Destiny grounded; something she really values and knows will need as her success continues to grow. Destiny is happy to see her family’s unity become stronger as they support her when her career begins to take off. Destiny and Seth realize that their love can stand the test of time and distance as long as they remain open and honest with each other. The story ends on a happy note and all of the open story lines were resolved. I look forward to reading more of this author’s work. 

Book Blurb for Restless Heart

The New York Times bestselling author and country music sensation presents her heartwarming debut novel.

Success on the musical stage is all Destiny ever wanted, and when she finds it, she feels as if her dreams have come true. But with the exhilarating rush of success comes a price-and a battle to recapture the traditions that were her foundation. Struggling to reconnect with the things that matter most, Destiny is putting an unexpected new spin on her own career-one that will redirect her professional and personal life in ways she never imagined. Written with genuine heart and emotion, Wynonna Judd's accessible debut novel is a celebration of family and friends, of love and loss, of success and surrender, and of one woman's inspiring path of self- discovery.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.25