Redeeming Daisy

Hearts Crossing Ranch

Pike Martin dreads having to tell the Densmore’s that they need to put down Elway, the family dog, but it’s the humane thing to do. He especially dreads dealing with Daisy Densmore, who insists that it’s revenge for her mishandling of her relationship with Pike’s brother in the past. Although angry at her for belittling his professionalism, Pike finds himself fascinated by this disturbing woman struggling with faith and craving love and acceptance.

Mistakes have put Daisy on a downhill path. Deserted by her ex-husband and left in a precarious financial situation she had no choice but to come home to her parent’s in Mountain Cove, Colorado. Her plans are to save enough money to leave town and start over somewhere else. Yet, she finds herself drawn to Pike Martin’s empathy and compassion, which tempts her to stay.

Will Pike be able to help Daisy understand that with God she can travel the path to forgiveness , trust and real love?

Redeeming Daisy is a charming tale of love, forgiveness and redemption. The author, Tanya Hanson, does an excellent job of creating characters, who are at different stages in their Christian walk and whose growth puts them on a collision course. The interaction between Daisy and Pike is full of lively conversation and emotional tension. The supporting cast provides additional background and color; and also provides the main characters with wisdom and emotional support.

The scenes between Daisy and Pike are very well written. Both are attracted to each other but their emotional issues and past don’t allow them to accept their attraction. Daisy slowly starts to mend the emotional damage that she’s done in her family and begins to accept the Christian counsel that her mother provides. Meanwhile, Pike’s mother is also counseling her son and encouraging him to forgive Daisy for her past behavior and open his heart to whatever God plans in his life. Eventually Daisy must make a decision as to whether or not she will stop blaming God for her past mistakes and be willing to accept his plans for her future.

Without giving away spoilers, I will say that I was impressed with how the Ms. Hanson dealt with both the emotional and spiritual issues in Daisy and Pike’s lives. This is the second book in the Heart’s Crossing Ranch series and I look forward to the next installment from this author.

Book Blurb for Redeeming Daisy

Veterinarian rancher Pike Martin has no choice but to advise putting down Daisy Denmore’s fatally ill dog, but she swears it's revenge for her mistreatment of Pike's brother years ago. Although stung by her insult at his professionalism, Pike finds himself drawn to the troubled woman who flounders in faith and aches for love and acceptance.

Costly mistakes have sent Daisy down an unrighteous path. Abandoned by her ex-husband, humiliated and broke, she has no choice but to return to her parents’ home in Mountain Cove, Colorado. As soon as she saves enough money, though, she'll be gone. Until Pike Martin's soft voice, caring manner, and downright empathy for her wounds tempt her to stay.

With God on his side, can Pike help Daisy along the path to forgiveness, trust, and whole-hearted love?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00