Pleasure Me in Petra

Book two in the Erotic Escapes series.

Aden Song is a woman whose environment has not been conducive to building trust. She grew up watching her Aunt Millie’s unhappy marriage, a marriage where a penny-pinching husband verbally abused Millie. When her uncle dies, both Aden and Millie are surprised to learn that his estate was worth millions. Since Millie is the only heir, she’s now rich. Millie decides to fulfill her “bucket list”, inviting Aden to join her on the journey and books their trip through the 501 Travel Agency. Aden agrees to accompany her aunt, not knowing that this journey will change everything in her life, and give her a new outlook on love. She had no idea this trip would lead her to Petra and love.

Nareem El Djinn has just had a very erotic dream that involved his “everything” or life mate. He’s very excited and yet nervous to begin his mate quest. His mate is mortal. Nareem is a Djinn, what humans now term a demon, though not with a tail and pitchfork. His kind is older, once worshiped as deities or nature gods, and possessing magic and incredible knowledge. They now exist in a different realm to protect themselves from humans who insist on misunderstanding their existence. The taking of a mate is something to be celebrated and his whole tribe is looking forward to their “joining”. He becomes so flustered at the idea of his mate traveling to the region that he meets with the 3 older ladies who own 501 Travel to see if he can perhaps change the location where they meet. The women tell him that he can’t let his fears interfere with what the higher powers have planned and to seize every opportunity to be with his mate.

This is the second book in the Erotic Escape Series by Allie Standifer and it was as enjoyable as the first book. The story line was interesting, character development was good and the plot moved at a good pace. I look forward to reading the next book in this “getaway” series.

I really enjoyed reading the scenes when Aden and Nareem meet and begin interacting with each other. Ms. Standifer did an excellent job of making the dialogue sharp, humorous and at times a little snarky. Aden was definitely able to give tit-for-tat and hold her own weight against a dominant male who has magic on his side. Both Aden and Nareem had fear issues; Aden’s was a fear of finding herself in a relationship with a dominant male who turned out to be like her uncle, while Nareem’s fear was that since Aden is a modern woman she would find his world unacceptable and leave him. He also feared that she would not be able to accept his warrior background and all of the lives that he had been forced to take in the protection of his kind. The author did a very good job of having the characters grow, face their fears and eventually conquer them. The secondary characters were well written and made good contributions to the storyline and plot; I especially enjoyed Aunt Millie and King Tarek, the ruler of Nareem’s tribe.

The ending was appropriate for the story and the spicier elements of the story were definitely hot. The author’s description of the region with its rose colored sandstone and rock was lovely and made me want to travel to the region to see it for myself. We also got to learn a little more about the ladies of The 501 Travel Agency and have been given clues that perhaps they are not one hundred percent human; it will be interesting to see what we discover about them in the next book. Overall this was an enjoyable reading experience.

Book Blurb for Pleasure Me in Petra

Aden Song grew up watching her uncle destroy her aunt’s life. She vowed to bend to no man, to make her own way in the world and remain true to herself. So what if the cost is a lonely and empty bed?

Everything changes in the magical city of Petra. Nareem El Djinn is a demon. He’s not looking for love when he sets eyes on Aden, but something about the mouthy American captivates his attention.

The desert nights become much hotter when these two meet and steamy passion binds their souls. But their differences still lie between them…and their hopes for a future together.


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.00