Navarro's Promise

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Navarro's Promise

A Novel of the Breeds, #24

Mica Toller and Cassie Sinclair have been best friends since childhood, as adults, Cassie depends on Mica as much if not more than when they were children. Working for the Breed Council makes Mica available to Cassie whenever she’s needed, something her “day” job at The National Forum, the Tyler family owned Media Conglomerate, allows. Living part time in the Wolf Breed compound, Haven has given Mica an up close and personal look into what it’s like to be “mated” to a breed. It’s not something she wants for herself, even if she’s been attracted to Navarro Raines, a Wolf Breed, since she was sixteen.

Navarro Raines has been attracted to Mica Toller since he first saw her defending Cassie Sinclair from teasing by some of the other Breed children. He’s always respected her defense of both Cassie and the Breed community. Knowing his attraction could lead to something more serious, Navarro has made an effort to keep distance between him and Mica. Or at least he did until the attack on Haven forced him to choose between defending his pack leader or the woman he desires.

As Breed enemies focus on Mica and her connection to Cassie Sinclair, Navarro finds himself forced to choose what his body and heart already know or losing the person who could be his only mate.

Navarro’s Promise by Lora Leigh is like a breath of fresh air on a sunny day for her long running Breedseries. When an author has a long running series, such as this one with 24 stories, they can often burn out on the excitement generated by their creation. This book should more than satisfy many of her longtime fans and critics. I feel it brings back the level of intensity which has been missing in the last couple of books. Once again, I found myself fully immersed in the Breed cause and rooting for both them and their author.

The scenes between Mica and Navarro are fantastic. Both Mica and Navarro are intensely attracted to each other on a physical and chemical level. They’ve denied themselves to the point where they are at an almost feverish state. There are obstacles they have to overcome before they can be a couple. First is Mica’s physical safety; Navarro manages to rescue her before she is captured by their enemies but then has no choice but to take her to Sanctuary, the home to the feline breeds. This puts both Mica and Navarro within the clutches of Jonas Wyatt, the manipulative head of Breed Affairs, something neither is comfortable with. It also puts them within the clutches of Phillip Brandenmore, one of Jonas Wyatt’s secret prisoners. Phillip’s getting crazier by the minute due his injection of an experimental drug which has reversed his aging process and appears to give him some “breed” characteristics. Both of these situations make Sanctuary, a less than ideal place in both Mica and Navarro’s mind.

The second obstacle is Mica and Navarro’s mating itself. Their bodies are not acting like every other breed couple. Is it due to Navarro’s recessed genes and or some other unknown factor? The breed doctors and scientists can’t figure out what is causing the differences or if they are really mated. Mother Nature is changing the rules on the mating phenomena and no one is prepared for what is taking place. Some are reluctant to admit they don’t know what’s going on. Both Navarro and Mica are the only people sure of the mating, Navarro because he knows more about his genetics and the mating heat’s effects on recessed breeds than he is willing to acknowledge and Mica because she’s suffering from the mating heat.

The third and biggest obstacle standing in their path is Mica and Navarro themselves. Mica doesn’t want to be like the other breed mates and become a prisoner of the breed compounds. She has plans for her life and doesn’t want to give them up. She also doesn’t want to sacrifice her friendship to Cassie or jeopardize her parent’s dependence on breed protection. Navarro doesn’t want a mate period. He’s witnessed the mating phenomena and isn’t interested on the changes it will bring to his life. He also has secret fears partly because of his past and partly because of what he’s seen in his own family. I loved how Ms. Leigh forced both characters to acknowledge their fears, face them and then conquer them.

The conclusion of the story is great and leaves Mica and Navarro in an excellent place and with a bright future. The breeds are in transition, they’ve conquered another enemy and find themselves able to access a lot of hidden data guaranteed to help their future safety. They are also unsure of what will happen with the “mating” phenomena as Mother Nature is making it clear that she can and will change the rules of the game on them. Just as she often does with ordinary human beings. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series, Lawe’s Justice, which will be released in October 2011.

Book Blurb for Navarro's Promise

The breed guaranteed Micah no harm would come to her, but they never allowed for her sensual fascination with Navarro, or his unstoppable need to claim her as his mate, in both body and soul.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75