Carnal in Cannes

Harrison Indiana Ford was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth. He’s used to the having the best things in life, including women, he’s an alpha male and makes no apologies for it. Harrison or “Harry” as everyone calls him served his country in Desert Storm and he’s been living it up since his release from the service. His father’s death and will have however put a slight crimp in his life, he needs to marry a virgin and produce an heir before he turns 32 or his father’s estate, a considerable oil fortune, will be given to his stepmother, Delora, a woman Harry hates with considerable passion. Since he’s waited until almost the last minute, Harry has no choice but to hire a matchmaker and marry a total stranger.

Martine’ Bellamy managed to escape persecution in Haiti by stowing away on a cargo ship and entering France illegally. She’s managed to hold on to her virginity but is hardly innocent. Desperate for money to bring her grandmother to France, Martine’ agrees to marry Harry and have a child. She signs the required pre-nup using falsified papers, hoping that no one will dig too deeply into her cover story. Martine’ hasn’t really thought too deeply about her plans for the future, she knows she wants a house in the French countryside for both her grandmother and her baby, she thinks that once she has the child that Harry will walk away since he will have satisfied his father’s wills terms.

Harry had hoped that he would at least find his new “wife” at least sexually attractive enough that he would be able to do his “duty” and get her pregnant. Instead he finds himself deeply attracted to his wife and slowly falling in love with her. This makes him even more protective of her and more determined to outwit his enemy, Delora. Martine’ is equally attracted to Harry and she didn’t plan on love either but soon finds herself under Harry’s spell and worrying that her past will be discovered and lead to problems that will jeopardize his inheritance. The sex between Harry and Martine’ is smoking hot but it’s the emerging emotional relationship that kept me riveted. Harry is determined to uncover Martine’s secrets and provide her with safety and love while at the same time protecting their financial future, which just brings out more of Harry’s alpha male personality.

The secondary characters in this story are very well written and colorful, from Delora, who could be called a step-monster, to Casmir, a gypsy detective who knows everyone and their business. We get to meet some of Harry’s special ops friends and Martine’s grandmother, who is a lovely lady. I was very happy with how the author resolves all of Harry and Martine’s issues and with how she dealt with Delora. This is actually the third story in the Mediterranean Mambo series by Ms. Carlo, but this book can be read on its own. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Carlo’s work.

Book Blurb for Carnal in Cannes

Explosive sex builds a tentative trust and beginnings of love, but Martine's secrets could destroy it all.

Money, power, and women all come easy to Harrison Indiana Ford. Yet he wants more -- to ensure his daddy's oil fortune goes to him -- not Delora, the stepmother who seduced him as a teenager. If Harry doesn't marry a virgin and produce an heir before he turns 32, Delora inherits it all. D-day and unpredictable circumstances force Harry to hire a matchmaker and marry a stranger.

Martine's survived the streets of Haiti's capital with her virginity intact, but she's no innocent. Fleeing persecution, she stows away on a cargo ship, and enters France illegally. Desperate for the million Euro Harry offers for her virginity and their child so she can bring her ailing grandmother to France, she signs the pre-nuptial contract using forged documents.

Delora's not about to let a billion dollars slip through her hands. There are too many ways to sabotage a relationship, prevent a pregnancy. And it's so easy to foster suspicion and hatred where there's no trust. What Delora doesn't count on is the explosive sexual relationship that develops between Harry and Martine. Still, as lust morphs into caring, Delora's detectives search for Martine's hidden secrets.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00