Let's Do It Again

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Let's Do It Again

This is the 2nd book in the “Off Like a Prom Dress” series through Loose Id, these are independent stories written by different authors. The stories share a common theme that the characters knew each other in some fashion during prom season while in High School. This particular story is about a couple who get a second chance at love, if they are willing to take the risk, which might require them to take a brief look at the past and acknowledge where they went wrong.
Dyanne Wilder is a woman in her late 30’s who has an interesting relationship with her ex-husband, Dr. Jack Wilder. They get along better now 5 years after their divorce than when they were married and can even go to events for their two sons’ together. It has taken Dyanne a long time to become the woman that she wants to be, independent and self aware. She’s now in a place where she can acknowledge that she is still attracted to her ex-husband and admit to herself that she wants to do something about it. It is while they are at an honor society induction ceremony for their two sons that Dyanne propositions Jack for an “only sex-no strings” type relationship.
Jack Wilder has always been in love with his ex-wife and has never really understood where their relationship went wrong, he knows he made some mistakes but he knows that he wants a chance to get his wife back so he accepts her proposition as a way to get her to see how good they can be together. Jack has grown since their divorce, he was forced to fact the fact that he’s always been somewhat of a “workhorse” and that he was putting his career as a neurosurgeon in front of the needs of his family and he’s made a successful effort to put his son’s first, now he just needs to convince Dyanne that he can put her first too.
The interaction between Jack and Dyanne is realistically written and is superb. These are two mature adults who now understand what they want in life and what they want from sex, during their marriage they had enjoyed an active sex life but it was mostly “vanilla” and neither was getting completely satisfied because of their inability to ask for what they wanted. Dyanne’s independence has taught her that she has to speak up to get what she wants and both she and Jack begin to incorporate new things into their “no strings” relationship. They add role playing, light bondage and a few other elements into their time together. Of course, even though their two sons are away at college, they soon figure out that mom and dad are spending time together and secretly hope that their parents work things out.
Both Jack and Dyanne are forced to look at what went wrong with their marriage as they spend more time together. It’s a necessary step for them to take and one that is handled superbly in this story. They are forced to face some unresolved emotional issues from their past and deal with them. One of these issues is forgiveness and this is something that both Jack and Dyanne learn they must give each other. They learn that to have true love one must learn to forgive and sometimes that includes forgiving yourself. This was probably one of the best books that I’ve read dealing with a second chance at love and the way it concludes is just perfect for the story. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Holcomb’s work and to seeing more books in this line from Loose Id.

Book Blurb for Let's Do It Again

Genre: Multicultural Contemporary
Length: Novella

Can you get a do-over in love?

Teenaged lovers Jack and Dyanne had to get married when an unplanned pregnancy spoiled their fun. After enduring seventeen years in a hollow marriage Dyanne divorced Jack and struck out on her own. Now, five years after their divorce, Dyanne realizes that she still wants him — at least for sex — so she propositions him for a post-marital affair.

Jack's willing to do anything to get Dyanne back. Even though she insists there are no feelings left between them, he knows better. He’s been waiting all this time for an opportunity to show her how good they can be. Together they explore the limits of their sexual desires in a way that was never possible when they were married.

Dyanne's surprised to discover that they're having a great time. Jack doesn't want it to end there. Fun and games are all well and good, but can they really overcome the disaster that was their marriage and try one more time?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language. 

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00