In the Dark of Dreams

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In the Dark of Dreams

Dirk & Steele, Book 10

Jenny Jameson could never forget the young boy that she met on the beach at her grandparents home the summer she was 12 years old. She knew the boy was different, not an ordinary human like her. Jenny was not scared of the boy because her family is part of A’Priori, an organization whose research goes beyond science and into the unknown and magical. Jenny dreams of the young boy, dreams where they sit on the beach, hold hands and are more than friends. Then the dreams stop and Jenny becomes a marine biologist determined to find people like the young boy.
Perin O’Doro was the young boy on the beach, but he’s not really human he’s “Krackeni”, or what humans would call a “merman”. His parentage made him special among the Krackeni but his dreams of Jenny, a human, are unacceptable to his people and lead to him being exiled and threatened with death if he returns to the ocean. Perin is forced to live among the humans on land, he no longer has dreams of Jenny and misses his past life, he simply exists.
Fate re-unites Perin and Jenny and they realize that somehow they shared their dreams and that their future is somehow tied together. Perin also realizes that he has no choice but to return to his people to deal with “The Beast” under the ocean floor and that somehow Jenny is tied to his mission. Their failure could result in the end of the world as we know it.
This is the 10th book in the Dirk & Steele Detective Agency series and I loved this book. The author, Marjorie M. Liu, has done an amazing job of continuing to add to the world building that she began with the first book in the series, Tiger Eye. Ms. Liu has built a world where people of legend exist amongst humans in disguise out of necessity. Like the humans in the story there are both good and bad members amongst the nonhumans, the good want to co-exist in peace with humans.
Jenny was a great heroine due to her inner strength, she refused to give up on her dreams and kept looking for the boy she fell in love with. She is also open minded because of who she is, while she appears to be completely human and has no special “gifts” like many in her family, her bloodline makes her unique and a great partner for Perin. Jenny also has a weakness and that is fear, she fears that when Perin finally sees who she is and everything that she has done in her life, that he will reject her. She’s afraid to let him get too close even though she feels a tremendous hunger for him on both an emotional and physical level.
Perin is a great hero; he refuses to give up his dreams of Jenny and expects his people to abide by their own rules. When his people exile him over Jenny, he still refuses to forget the girl with the red hair and green eyes. Perin also has a tremendous amount of rage, hurt and resentment towards his father, something that he will be forced to face several times throughout the story. He too suffers from fear that when Jenny knows everything he’s done that she will hate and reject him.
Ms. Liu did a great job in blending Jenny and Perin’s struggles so that they both faced their fears in a parallel timeline. She also incorporated several of the characters from the books in the series and it was like having old friends come to visit. The secondary characters were well written and made good contributions to the story. Even the characters that are inherently evil were well done and you could understand why they are feared and hated. The conclusion of the story resolved this particular storyline but leaves questions and scenarios that will hopefully be addressed in the next book in the series.
Because the author has built such a rich world with a deep background, I really feel like I should recommend that you read the series in order. You won’t be sorry spending the time to get to know the characters in these books; they are like pieces in a puzzle and fit together perfectly. I look forward to reading the next book in this series by Ms. Liu.

Book Blurb for In the Dark of Dreams

He could never forget the boy with the ice blue eyes...She was only twelve when she saw the silver boy on the beach, but Jenny has never stopped dreaming about him. Now she is grown, a marine biologist charting her own course in the family business -- a corporation that covertly crosses the boundaries of science into realms of the unknown...and the incredible.

And now he has found her again, her boy grown into a man: Perrin, powerful and masculine, and so much more than human, leaving Jenny weak with desire, and aching for his touch.

But with their reunion comes danger. For Perrin and Jenny -- and all living creatures -- their only hope for preventing the unthinkable lies in a mysterious empire far beneath the sea...and in the power of their dreams.


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 5.00