Hearts Communion

Woodland Series

Raised in a large family, Jeremy Edwards dreams of having a wife and several children of his own. Falling head over heels in love with his nephew's day care provider seems perfect - she already loves children.

Monica Kittelski owns Sunny Horizons Daycare Center and lovingly takes care of the kids placed in her care. She pours her heart and faith into other people's children. She just can't have any of her own, something which breaks her heart and has ruined all of her past relationships.

When Jeremy and Monica meet; it's love at first sight. While their chemistry and sassy relationship grows, Monica worries about the future. What will Jeremy think when he discovers she's infertile and can't give him the large family he dreams of?

Hope, love and reality clash as Jeremy and Monica confront God's plan and will for their future when the dreams they have hoped for seem destined to be denied. Can these two loving and hopeful hearts survive the give and take between dreams and reality?

Heart's Communion by Marianne Evans is the third book in her inspirational romance series, Woodland. Having read the previous book in the series, Heart's Surrender, I was well acquainted with some of the recurring characters and looked forward to discovering where they are now, Ms. Evans did not disappoint. While the focus of Ms. Evans story is the romance between the two main characters, Jeremy and Monica, a secondary subplot is explored dealing with the subject of infertility and the crippling effect it can take on a woman's self-image and heart. I applaud Ms. Evans for being willing to tackle such a heartbreaking subject.

Jeremy Edwards has it all; good looks, a booming construction business and a personal relationship with God. The only thing he's missing is a wife and children of his own. Something he desperately wants in his future since he himself comes from a large and loving family. While Jeremy has dated several women, none have ever really captured his heart. Ms. Evans did a good job with Jeremy's character, he's kind, open minded and loves giving to others. He's sincere about his personal faith and he readily puts his talent and money behind it by helping the less fortunate renovate their homes during the slow season in his industry. He never thought he'd fall in love with a woman who couldn't have children and face the real possibility of walking away from either the love of his life or his lifelong dream of children of his own.

Monica Kittelski is a conflicted character; she's beautiful, graceful and a successful business owner herself. Her daycare provides a valuable service to the people in her community. While Monica loves children, she's secretly a little bitter about her own inability to give birth due to an extreme case of endometriosis. While she's had romantic relationships in the past, they've all failed due to her inability to get past her personal failure; her infertility. Which Monica thinks makes her less of a woman. While Monica does have a relationship with God, it's fractured due to her anger and pain. When she meets Jeremy she's instantly drawn to him but a part of her heart fears the rejection she's sure will be in her future. Ms. Evans did an equally good job developing Monica's character, you really feel her hope, her sorrow and her emotional turmoil as their relationship develops.

The scenes between Jeremy and Monica are well written and while their romance really drew me into the story it's their different approaches to Monica's fertility which kept me glued to the book. While Monica has already surrendered her faith and her hope for the future, Jeremy is able to see the situation from a different perspective and tries to give her hope. The first step is getting her to return to church. While Monica begins to make tiny steps forward, Jeremy has to work through his own feelings about her infertility, will his love for Monica be enough. When he brings up the topic of adoption, Jeremy's surprised by Monica's fear and reluctance to consider it a viable option for their future. Ms. Evans really made her characters work through their emotions and face their fears. She explores both the pros and cons of what adoption has become today.

The secondary characters are Jeremy's family, the members of the Woodland Church and the children and parents who are a part of Monica's life through her daycare. I really enjoyed getting to know Jeremy's mother Elise and revisiting the primary characters from the previous books, Colin and Daveny from Heart's Crossing and Pastor Ken Lucerne and his wife Kiarra from Heart's Surrender. Both couples are instrumental in helping Jeremy and Monica see God's plan for their future.

At the end of the story Monica has to make a choice; risk love with Jeremy and whatever the future brings including taking a chance on adoption or stay in her solitary life and give up on love. If you want to know what Monica decides, read Heart's Communion. I enjoyed it and I think you will too.

Book Blurb for Hearts Communion

Jeremy “JB” Edwards dreams of one thing: Having a loving wife and children of his own. Not a surprising ambition, since he was raised at the heart of a large, tight-knit family.

Monica Kittelski spends her days at Sunny Horizons Daycare Center pouring her heart and faith into other people’s children. But Monica harbors one impossible dream: Having children of her own someday.

JB and Monica seem the perfect match, but what will come of their electric, sassy relationship when Jeremy learns of Monica's infertility?

Hopes and reality collide when they must confront the idea of finding God's plan and following His will when a dearest hope is destined to remain unfulfilled.

Can these two loving, passionate hearts survive a communion of dreams and reality?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.50