Getting It All

Book 3 in the Heartbreak Anonymous series.

This fun and light novella is easily read in an afternoon and is a good summer reading escape. The heroine is a strong, smart and responsible woman while the hero is sexy, smart and determined. The dialogue between the characters is sharp and I thoroughly enjoyed this story by Ms. Madison.
Celeste Holmes is a single mom with twin sons who has decided to attend her 15th High School Reunion. She has unfinished business with some members of her class, in fact she is planning on showing a Ryan McGregor, who she had considered a friend exactly what he’s been missing since he broke her heart in a foolish prank. A gift from her brother and her brother’s husband to a day spa for a complete makeover with a clothing consultation helps her to prepare her plan of attack for a quick seduction.   Celeste still has unresolved issues from her husband Matt’s death and hasn’t allowed herself to have a relationship with any man in seven years. She also still has some issues from her high school days but has grown a lot from the young woman that she was.
Ryan McGregor has always regretted how his relationship with Celeste ended in high school. They were friends and had been on the cusp of becoming lovers when some other young men pulled a prank that embarrassed Celeste and had driven her from his arms. He was never able to tell her that he had not been involved in planning the prank and that it had surprised him just as much. He has become successful at work and is single; he sees this high school reunion as his opportunity to get Celeste back in his life and is determined to make the most of it. He too has grown emotionally from his high school days.
The interaction between Celeste and Ryan is mature and the chemistry explodes off the page. Both characters plan to seduce the other and they don’t fail in their attempts. The fact that they are both willing to give each other a second chance at romance knowing that they both have some serious commitments was good. The sex is hot and I was happy to see that Ms. Madison had the courage to write intimate scenes for an average sized woman (size 16). . 
The secondary characters had small parts in this book and I would have enjoyed seeing more interaction with them and feel that if the story had been just a little longer that there could have been more emotional depth to the story. I also would have liked to have seen some interaction between Ryan and Celeste’s children. The ending was well done, it's not a Happy Ever After but is more of an optimistic outlook that Ryan and Celeste will be able to balance a relationship with the pressures of work and Celeste’s ready-made family. This is the first book that I’ve read by this author and I look forward to reading more of her work.

Book Blurb for Getting It All

Length: Novella
Celeste Holmes might be a feisty survivor, yet seven years after her husband’s death, she’s still wearing his shirts. But all that’s about to change. Take one invitation to a high school reunion. Throw in a full day-spa treatment and a whole new wardrobe. And a sexy, sultry Celeste is ready to show Mr. High School Hottie just what he missed fifteen years ago. That is, until she decides she’s the one who missed out and makes a no-strings proposition of her own.
Popular TV sportscaster Ryan McGregor has spent the past fifteen years regretting the loss of his friendship with Celeste and what might have been. Now that he’s found her again, he’s not interested in a one-weekend stand. Using every seduction technique in his arsenal, he’s determined to claim her.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50