Centurion's Capture

Book three in the Imperial Desires series.

Olivia has wanted Claudius Ovidius since she became a woman. For a long time the retired Roman centurion has vowed she would never come to his bed, she's too young and innocent in the ways of making love. While Olivia may not have experience, she knows of Claudius' dark desires and is sure she is more than capable of pleasing him.

Claudius swore he would never touch Olivia, but she's making it impossible to ignore her. When he visits the private club, known only as The Cave, where many go to satisfy their desires, he's shocked to find Olivia there. When he demands she leaves and she refuses, she tests the last of his control.

No more excuses or denials will stand between them and soon Claudius and Olivia find themselves playing a dangerous game of seduction. A game which spirals into an intensely passionate affair, igniting bold cravings and bringing a dark secret Claudius thought buried forever to light.

Centurion's Capture by Nadia Aidan is the third book in the Imperial Desires series. Once again we are transported to Siga, in the Dahomey region of West Africa under the Roman occupation. This story focuses on Olivia and Claudius Ovidius, secondary characters in the previous books. It's a slightly darker book as it focuses on two lovers who engaging in light BDSM.

Olivia is a fantastic character; she's young, beautiful, smart and financially stable. At the start of this series, she was a slave owned by Anan, the Dahomey region's regent. Freed and adopted into Anan's family, she's now a land owner in her own right who continues to enjoy the privilege of her political associations. She's also a young woman in love with an older man, Claudius Ovidius, who refuses to act on their attraction. Determined to break through his refusal, Olivia has begun to frequent "The Cave", an exclusive private club where the rich in the area engage in unrestrained sexual liaisons where anything goes as long as the partner is willing. She hopes to catch Claudius in an environment where he's at a disadvantage and can't push her away. I liked how Ms. Aidan developed Olivia's character throughout the series; she's matured both intellectually and physically and is now ready to face her dark desires and the man who tempts her.

Claudius Ovidius is also a great character; a retired centurion, he's become a wealthy landowner with two successful sons and friends in high places. His only problem is his attraction to Olivia, Anan's adopted daughter, who's almost 20 years younger and who won't give up on getting his attention. Claudius is troubled by an emotional situation from his past and is also unwilling to risk angering his close friend Anan by having an affair with her adopted daughter. No matter how much he wants her. Claudius is also afraid of what the gossips will say about their age difference and his well known darker sexual appetites. It's only when Olivia forces his hand that Claudius finally gives in to his desires.

The scenes between Olivia and Claudius are full of angst, scorching physical chemistry and occasionally some humor. They really click as a couple. While Olivia and Claudius do engage in BDSM - it's light and not very dramatic. Ms. Aidan did a very good job with the scenes. As they spend time together, they get to know who they really are and Claudius finds himself facing his past. As he struggles with his past, he becomes a somewhat temperamental lover, which makes things more difficult.

The secondary characters are mostly people we've met in the previous two books. We get to re-meet Anan and her two centurions and see how their relationship is fairing; they now have three children between them and are a content family. We also re-meet Gaius, Claudius' son, and his wife Nivea, who is expecting their first child. Their relationship is also doing well.

The story ends with Claudius having to make a final decision about his relationship with Olivia; he finally reveals his secret from the past which has kept him from being able to move forward. He still fears Olivia's rejection. Will Olivia be able to convince Claudius of the depth of her love and create a real future with her centurion? You'll have to read Centurion's Capture to find out. I think you'll enjoy it.

Book Blurb for Centurion's Capture

From the time she knew desire, Olivia has wanted Claudius Ovidius, but the retired centurion has long vowed he would never have her—because she is too young and innocent to the ways of lovemaking. But Olivia is not a girl anymore, and while she may not be skilled in the ways of pleasing men, she knows of Claudius’ dark desires, and is certain she is up to the task of pleasing him.

Claudius vowed he would never touch Olivia, but the girl is making it damn hard. When he visits the decadent club known only as The Cave and spots Olivia there, he demands she leave, but she’s defiant, testing the last vestiges of his self-restraint.

On that night, there are no more excuses or denials standing between them. And soon Claudius and Olivia find themselves playing a dangerous game of seduction, one that spirals into a passionate affair, igniting desperate longings and dredging up a dark secret Claudius thought forever buried. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.75