Cassie's Wedding Dress

All Cassie Hinton ever wanted to do was marry Jack Chambers in a medieval wedding gown of her own design. Only life didn't turn out as Cassie planned, she became a professional Steeplechase jockey, while Jack went off to college and married someone else. Injured in the Grand National, Cassie returns home to discover Jack is now the Pastor of her parent's church and is also a single father.

Jack Chambers still has romantic feelings for Cassie Hinton, his best friend's younger sister. A widower with a young daughter, he knows she sees him as nothing more than the Pastor of her parent's church. Even if she were to think of him romantically, there's still the issue of his position in the church.

As Cassie makes the wedding dress of her dreams, will the rapidly approaching Royal Wedding have an impact on their lives?

Cassie's Wedding Dress by Clare Revell is a sweet inspirational romance in an interesting setting with some unexpected twists and turns. Ms. Revell's characters are likeable, have good dialogue and are forced to confront some painful situations in their lives. I was intrigued with a heroine, who was an ex-jockey, and with a Royal Wedding being a part of the story.

At the beginning of this story, Cassie Hinton is getting ready for what should be the ride of her life as a professional jockey, the Grand National. An accident during the race not only ends Cassie's career as a jockey, it also leads to the loss of one of her legs. Now a year later, Cassie is recovering at home in Headley Cross with her family and having problems adjusting to her new life. I really liked how Ms. Revell developed Cassie's character in this book, at the beginning of the book Cassie is good at putting up a front which says she's okay but emotionally on the inside, she's depressed, in pain and even questions why God let her survive the accident and took away the life she liked. She attends church with her family because it's what they expect, not because she wants to. To add to her discomfort, the new pastor at the church is Jack Chambers, her brother's best friend and the man she's always loved from afar. She knows he'll never be interested in her now.

Jack Chambers is a young widowed pastor with a small daughter. Best friends with Danny Hinton, Cassie's brother, Jack is thrilled when he's assigned as a new Pastor to the church the Hinton's attend. Realizing how Cassie has let her accident affect her spiritual life, Jack hopes he can help Cassie find her way back to her childhood faith. It's what's kept him going after the loss of his wife. He's always been attracted to Cassie, but he's kept his distance due to her being his best friend's younger sister.

The scenes between Cassie and Jack are really well done, they're attracted to each other but have always let their relationship to Danny, Cassie's brother, influence their relationship. When Cassie is given the task of designing the window display for Danny's store for the upcoming royal visit, which is prior to the royal wedding, Jack actually gives Cassie the idea for the display, a wedding dress. Only Cassie designs and creates the dress she had hoped to wear to the wedding she had hoped would take place with Jack back when she was a younger woman. I liked how Ms. Revell developed Cassie and Jack's relationship; it moved slowly but was built on the foundation of their friendship and their faith. I also liked how Ms. Revell was able to use Jack to show Cassie that her spiritual life didn't have to take a beating just because of her physical setback. As the old saying goes "When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window" and that's exactly what happens in this story.

The end of the story does have a couple of twists, first Jack faces a threat from a member of the church who's determined to create trouble for him and Cassie, and he'll have to prove they're both innocent of any wrong doing. Then there's the fire at the palace, which destroys the dress for the upcoming royal wedding. Will Cassie and her wedding dress be a part of the celebration? You'll have to read Cassie's Wedding Dress to find out.

Book Blurb for Cassie's Wedding Dress

Steeplechase jockey Cassie Hinton's dream was to walk down the aisle in her medieval wedding gown to become Mrs. Jack Chambers. Injured in the Grand National, she returns home...only to find Jack is now the Pastor of her parent's church.

Jack Chambers, now a widower and single parent, still has feelings for Cassie, but she sees him as nothing more than a pastor. Even if he could change her mind, there is still his position to consider.

With the Royal Wedding fast approaching, Cassie makes her dress, little dreaming of the consequences of doing so.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25