A Gentleman Never Tells

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A Gentleman Never Tells

When a lady is in a predicament....

Lady Gabrielle has a dilemma. Discovering her younger sister in the arms of the man she was to marry, she can no longer go through with their arranged marriage. Kissing a stranger in the park frees her from one betrothal only to land her in yet another forced engagement. Now she needs another strategy that isn't quite as dangerous.

A gentleman may find himself in deep trouble...

Early in the morning, Viscount Brentwood is walking his mother's dog in the park. Suddenly a beautiful, enchanting young woman walks out of the fog and into his arms. He can't resist her charms. Tackled from behind, he now finds himself forcibly engaged to marry the delightful Lady Gabrielle.

Too bad his intended bride has other plans and suddenly the determined Viscount finds himself involved in one scandal after another.

A Gentleman Never Tells by Amelia Grey is the delightful fourth entry in her Rogue's Dynasty series. Having never read Ms. Grey before, I was happily surprised by her style of writing and with her charming characters. The dialogue was sharp and amusing and I found myself laughing during several of the escapades that take place in this historical romance.

Gabrielle is a wonderful character; young, beautiful and thoughtful, she's an obedient daughter and a loving sister. Knowing her father expects her cooperation, she agrees to an arranged marriage to a man she doesn't love. When she discovers her younger sister, Rosa, in her fianc‚e's arms one night - she realizes she can't go through with the wedding. While thinking about her dilemma as she walked through the park the next morning, she encounters an intriguing gentleman walking his dog. Realizing her father is not far behind her; she throws herself into the strange man's arms and kisses him. While her impromptu behavior frees her from one unwanted engagement, she suddenly finds herself in another engagement - only this time to a complete stranger. She's going to need a new plan.

Viscount Brentwood is fantastic; he's handsome, rich and good to his family. Deciding it's time to marry, he came to London to find a bride and to keep an eye on his younger twin brothers. As the oldest son in the family, he's also the only person who knows his deceased mother's secret, which would plunge the family into scandal. While walking his dog, Prissy, he encounters a beautiful young woman, who suddenly walks into his arms and kisses him. He's then attacked by her father's servant and finds himself agreeing to an arranged marriage. I really liked what Ms. Grey did with Brentwood's character, while he's not thrilled about being railroaded into a marriage he quickly grasps that he could have done much worse - his fianc‚e is the daughter of a powerful duke (who is not above threatening to make things difficult for the business his younger brothers are starting), she's beautiful and will more than likely have a good dowry.

The scenes between Gabrielle and Brentwood are well written and entertaining. They have great physical chemistry and great dialogue. While Gabrielle is determined to win her freedom, Brentwood is determined to keep her. Going from one escapade to another, Gabrielle discovers that Brentwood is patient, kind and she enjoys his company, while Brentwood discovers Gabrielle is funny, educated and loves her family. They are a perfect match. The secondary characters in the story are also well written, from Rosa, Gabrielle's spoiled younger sister, to Mrs. Elizabeth Potter, Gabrielle's aunt - who is quite the character on her own. I also enjoyed meeting Brentwood's twin younger brothers, Iverson and Matson, who I hope will get their own stories eventually.

The story isn't just a romance though; there is also a missing dog subplot, which provides Gabrielle and Brentwood additional opportunities to spend time together and provides some additional comedy. The end of the story resolves the dog mystery and both Gabrielle and Brentwood are happy and have a bright future. Even Rosabella gets a happy ending. I look forward to reading more of this author's work.

Book Blurb for A Gentleman Never Tells

Charming Viscount Brentwood's trip to London to find a bride plunges him into one scandal after another, culminating in an honor-bound betrothal to a lady who doesn't want to marry him at all...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50