Wolf's Glory

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Wolf's Glory

After the Crash, Book 2

Wolf's Glory is so much fun and I loved it! Ms. Barone gives us plenty of detail and a lot of great characters without making it too much. Everyone had the perfect place in this story and they all meshed together wonderfully. Of course, my favorite two characters were the hero and heroine. A most unusual pair I have to say, which makes the story so enjoyable.

A paranormal romance full of adventure and fun with plenty of ooh-la-la moments of the best kind! Glory sees Shadow and thinks he's oh-so-hot, but she's not looking for a permanent relationship.especially not with a wolf-man. When Shadow sees Glory he instantly knows she's his mate. Convincing her of that may take a lot of work. Shadow is alpha, but so is Glory. See what fun that turns into!

I wish I'd known about Ms. Barone sooner. Wolf's Glory is a true delight!

Book Blurb for Wolf's Glory

When goth-girl Glory Peterson’s plane crashes she walks to find help. What she finds are people living in teepees like it’s the Old West. Wolf’s Shadow knows Glory is his mate. Glory’s happy to take a roll in the hay with him while she’s waiting for transportation back to civilization, but when she finds out she’s gone fifty years into the future and Shadow is a bossy werewolf who thinks he owns her, her attitude changes fast. Shadow is used to giving orders that are obeyed. Glory hasn’t obeyed an order since kindergarten. When two strong-willed lovers clash, who will win?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 5.00