Touch of Rogue

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Touch of Rogue

I truly enjoyed this historical romance with a touch of paranormal. The characters are very likable and the story will grab ahold of you and keep you engrossed throughout. You don't always find a historical romance with paranormal aspects, but it made this story more interesting and the characters more entertaining. The love scenes are sensual as Julianne and Jacob become more involved. As part of the Touch of Seduction series, it can be read alone, but would probably be best read in order. You'll be drawn into the world of historical romance and become deeply involved when reading any of Ms. Marlowe's books. I've never been disappointed and have always thoroughly entertained. Touch of a Rogue is a keeper and you won't want to miss any from this series!

When Julianne's husband was found dead with a dagger in his chest, it was ruled a suicide. Since she knew he would never do such a thing, she needed help to find out who really killed him. He had been involved in finding a set of six daggers, finding all but the final one. Julianne tracks down much sought after, Jacob Preston, known for solving difficult crimes. She's in need of his expertise, but doesn't expect the instant attraction when they meet. The attraction is mutual, but neither wants to become involved for their own reasons. As Julianne insists on being Jacob's sidekick in this mystery, they learn each other's secrets, and their lives become seductively intertwined, with a mix of danger, intrigue and love.

Book Blurb for Touch of Rogue

Jacob Preston has three requirements for a woman desiring access to his bed: She must be enthusiastic in affairs of passion, jaded in matters of the heart, and - to ensure the first two qualifications - she must be married. Lady Julianne Cambourne's unmarried status should render her firmly off limits. Instead, it proves a temptation, especially when she comes to him in desperation, looking for the kind of answers only he can give. For, beyond his rakish reputation, Jacob is known for the mysterious power of detection he commands through his sense of touch. And Julianne, surrounded by secrets that threaten to ensnare her in a deadly trap, will do whatever it takes to recruit his skills...using every form of persuasion at her disposal...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.50