Through the Night

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Through the Night

Reliance Group, #3

Valerie is an executive hostess at the Onyx Hotel and also works for her boss as a member of The Reliance Group using her psychic abilities. Now she's being recruited to help Chase Pierson find a missing historical artifact. When Valerie and Chase meet, the attraction is mutual and the electrical charge they feel when they touch only intensifies that attraction. Chase wants more from Valerie, but she's always been reserved, not wanting to get hurt. Now Chase seems to be drawing her out of her emotional shell and she's afraid she's falling fast and hard.

Wow, this is one steamy romance! Chase and Valerie are the perfect team, alike in many ways, both with emotional scarring and psychic abilities. Ms. Denison keeps their adventures fun, sexy, and with a bite of suspense to go along with it. Guilt, fear, and high emotion come into play throughout the book and even an ex-lover and an old rival keep everyone on their toes…the characters in the book and the reader. The emotions add to the oh-so-hot sex and just may have you shedding a few layers of your own. Through the Night is a must read!

Book Blurb for Through the Night

As the Executive Casino Hostess for The Onyx in Las Vegas, Valerie Downing is always on theÿ lookout for the night's biggest winners. When she spots a man-one of the sexiest she's ever laid eyes on-generating huge excitement at the craps table, she knows she's in luck. Her goal: To make sure the high rollers stay at her hotel, and that any further gambling is invested right back into the casino. His: To enjoy some other "perks" that Valerie might have to offer.

Turns out Chase Pierson is already a VIP guest who happens to be working with Valerie's boss on a top-secret mission for the Reliance Group-one for which she too has been recruited. But Valerie, bold and gorgeous as she is, is first and foremost a professional. No fraternizing with Onyx clientele is her motto.and this hard-bodied, infuriatingly charming client is no exception. Even if Chase knows that the harder the hunt, the hotter the surrender.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50