The Covert Wolf

A Phoenix Force Title

I liked The Covert Wolf as a paranormal romance, but the plot was a bit complicated for the story to flow smoothly. I enjoyed the varied paranormal characters and their special abilities. The sexual tension between Matt and Sienna gives a the reader a feeling of anticipation and keeps you turning the pages at a steady clip. The sexual activity is slow to happen, but the sex is hot when the hero and heroine finally get together. I felt I had to pay very close attention to grasp it all, but as far as paranormal stories go, I really liked it. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Vanak!

Matt is a Draicon wolf and Sienna is half Draicon wolf and half Fae. She tries not to acknowledge the wolf part of her and lives as a Fae. When Matt and Sienna are forced to work together to find the orb with special powers, neither one of them is happy about it. As they work together, they find their attraction growing and the sexual tension building at a steady pace. Matt and Sienna wonder if they can continue to work together without this sexual distraction getting in the way.

Book Blurb for The Covert Wolf

When a mission gone wrong kills his best friend, navy SEAL Matthew Parker will stop at nothing to destroy the demons who threaten his team. To do so, Matt must locate a mysterious orb before the demons use it to destroy the world. But the only woman who can help him—Sienna McClare—has her own agenda…and every reason for hating his kind.

A half blood, Sienna hopes returning the orb to her people will gain her acceptance back into the only family she's known. But working with a Draicon werewolf like Matt comes with a high price—one that could cost Sienna her dreams.

A natural-born leader, her werewolf lover must now teach Sienna to listen to her heart—and go where their all-consuming passion leads them….

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.00