The Casanova Code

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The Casanova Code

Book One of the Rake Patrol

There's a lot going on in the book and it's filled with danger, intrigue, passion and romance. The story has an in-depth plot and great characters. The hero and heroine are always the best, but the supporting characters add a lively addition to the plotting, planning and mystery within the story. The teamwork is the perfect reason to keep everyone close and the romance to develop. The Casanova Code is a unique historical romance you'll love getting caught up in. There will be no boredom here and many things to keep your interest piqued. This one's a keeper! I look forward to continuing the series and can't wait for book number two!

Edwina has a knack for decoding ciphers and that's how she came to know of Ashton's personal ad for companionship. Edwina and her friends decide that he's trying to lure unsuspecting women to ruin and they must do something about it. They form The Rake Patrol to warn these women that it's more than likely a trap. Ashton is truly trying to reform and find a wife to settle down with. When he finds out what Edwina is doing, he confronts her. Edwina is attracted to Ashton, but she doesn't want to be because she knows he's a rake. Through her actions pertaining to The Rake Patrol, she ends up getting herself in trouble.

Book Blurb for The Casanova Code

“A refined gentleman, age 25, of wealth and education, seeks the acquaintance, with a view to matrimony, of a high-minded, kind-hearted lady who prefers an evening of quiet conversation to the lively demands of society." 

Edwina Hargrove knows that this “gentleman” was, in fact, Ashton Trewelyn, a rake notorious for seducing the young and naive. In fact, five decent women have already been tricked and bundled off to the continent for scandalous purposes. There was a way to thwart his scheme though—by shadowing this devilishly handsome Casanova and warning his prey.  If only it were that simple.

Wounded and weary, Ashton Trewelyn returns home to London from the King’s Royal Rifles, but soon discovers a coded message that has implications to the Crown and his family.  His only hope to unravel the mystery lies in the enigmatic Edwina’s ability to recognize patterns.  Even as he leads her on a path of secret societies and risque temptations, he discovers she arouses his jaded soul with temptations of her own.  Must they risk everything to decipher Casanova’s code?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00