Spellbound Falls

Spellbound Falls Series, #1

Olivia runs Inglenook, a camp for families to connect with each other, owned by her in-laws. Her husband had died in the military before they were able to get a divorce, although they did have a daughter, who's now 8. Mac had only just discovered he has a 6 year old son and has come to Inglenook to learn how to be a father. What Olivia and Mac aren't prepared for is their instant attraction to one another, or Olivia's need to sleep with Mac's jacket since she doesn't have the real thing. Mac soon sets her straight and tells her all she needs to do is ask and he'll definitely say yes, but she has to ask.

Spellbound Falls is a magical tale that will have you trying to keep up with all the adventure and romance of the hero and heroine in between the antics of the kids and the supporting characters. I liked Mac from the beginning and he just got better as time went on. You'll be surprised and elated at every turn and if you're like me, it'll never be enough! I'm so excited to start a new series from Ms. Chapman. She knows how to write a romance and always keeps it uniquely interesting, no matter what the plot, with just the right amount of detail to blend perfectly with the story. I loved Spellbound Falls and I can't wait for more!

Book Blurb for Spellbound Falls

A newcomer to Spellbound Falls, Maine, Maximilian Oceanus is trying to get a handle on fatherhood. But his newly discovered six-year-old son wants to find his father a wife. Too bad Olivia Baldwin wants nothing to do with the dangerously seductive mac--especially with all the weird stuff happening all around him...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 5.00