Forever Mine

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Forever Mine

As always, Ms. Grant gives us another fantastic highlander romance! The characters are all heroic and unforgettable with their strength, loyalty and charm. You'll fall in love with Braden as easily as Jean did and wish you were part of the action, adventure, and most of all, the sex (oh yeah!). Forever Mine is a quick read, but you'll enjoy every single page and won't put it down until you're done. It's fast-paced, but absolutely perfect for a spicy afternoon read. Don't you just love a sexy highlander hero and his lucky lady? I very highly recommend Forever Mine and I'll be right there for Ms. Grant's next book, you can bet on that!

Braden and his men were on a mission to destroy Niall, who'd always left a path of death and destruction in his wake. As Niall uses Jean as his hostage to protect himself, Braden rescues her as Niall once again escapes. Braden knows he wants Jean, but knows that for her own safety, it wouldn't be smart for them to get involved. He can't seem to stay away from her and the sexual attraction is too overwhelming to be denied.

Book Blurb for Forever Mine

From bestselling, award winning author Donna Grant comes a Scottish romance full of adventure and love.

A Highlander bent on revenge...

Braden MacAlister only has vengeance on his mind. It has consumed him since the murder of his family. His every thought, every action is in bringing down the man responsible. Until he lays eyes on Jean.

A lass who dared to challenge her heart...

Jean MacKay's entire existence is turned upside down when her clan is invaded by Niall MacDougall and he takes her prisoner. Yet, everything changes when Niall and his men are surrounded by The Ghost

A union which bound two hearts...

Whispers of Braden MacAlister run rampant through the Highlands, but it isn't until Jean sees the imposing warrior for herself that she realizes he is the answer to all their prayers. Jean defies everything to stand next to Braden and the love developing between them. But will it be enough to put an end to Niall once and for all?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 5.00