Bad Lady Baronton

Garett was living his life without all the hassles of a title and an estate to manage, with a mistress to satisfy his sexual needs. Then he unexpectedly inherits a title and estate, if he agrees to marry the oldest daughter so she can stay at her lifelong home. They each pretend to be someone they're not, which leads to misconceptions and added deceit that make for a disastrous partnership.

This is a great historical romance that's the perfect length to make it's point and keep things interesting. This is my first Meta Mathews romance and I think it was written wonderfully, with just the right mix of detail and heartfelt sentiment. The emotion and tender feelings felt realistic and easy to relate to. It came to be about the love, not the sex, although Ms Mathews did give us the explicit sex that I think you'll enjoy. You'll get warm-and-fuzzy feelings when you read Bad Lady Baronton and you'll surely hate to see it end, as I did. It was so good I wanted it to go on and on. I look forward to reading much more from Ms. Mathews!

Book Blurb for Bad Lady Baronton

Thoughts of a marriage of convenience with the new Earl of Baronton horrify Lady Madelina, so she plans to discourage him by pretending to be a woman of ill repute. Her plan backfires when she discovers he’s not the monster she’d been led to believe, but instead a lover who can pleasure her in ways she’d never imagined.

Having inherited a title he didn’t want, along with the expectation he’ll marry a woman he’s never met, Garett decides to investigate her before he introduces himself. Then he meets a beautiful woman who blatantly offers herself, and their sexual compatibility astounds him. Too late, he discovers the woman he wants as his mistress was supposed to have been his bride. Getting himself out of this situation will take all the skills he learned during the Peninsula War, and more. 

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 5.00