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Lodestone, #2

Rand has his own security business and when trouble hits one of his high profile jobs, all hell breaks loose. Dakota comes to his aid, trying to track down the origins of a aphrodisiac drug that was secretly given to the guests at his security detail. Rand and Dakota have previous ties to each other, but things had ended badly. Now she's back to help Rand and the plot thickens with anger, resentment, and a whole lot of trouble.

Romantic suspense at its best! If you haven't read anything from Cherry Adair, you're missing out…and this is the perfect place to get started. Afterglow is full of action, edge-of-your-seat danger and suspense, and of course, that sexual tension that is set to explode at any given moment. Ms. Adair always has a well thought out plot, with plenty of drama, emotion and romance. It will reel you in and keep you suspended in sexual chemistry that extends itself to slow, hot lovin' and spur of the moment action you're gonna love. In my opinion, Ms. Adair is one of the best romantic suspense authors out there and I'm always on the edge of my seat waiting for more! Afterglow is a Must Read!

Book Blurb for Afterglow

Pleasure with a price.

A high-profile celebrity wedding in Monaco is the kind of A-list event security specialist Rand Maguire excels at. Everything goes like clockwork, until guests start inexplicably losing all their inhibitions. . . .

Painful secrets from the past.

Rand is no stranger to the effects of Rapture. His chemist father’s attempt at a cure for depression caused Rand’s mother’s death years ago, and put his father away for her murder. Now someone is circulating Rapture in a campaign of terror, intending to manufacture and sell it on a global scale. But with no leads, Rand feels the heat.

Passion with no limits.

Sexy Lodestone agent Dakota North is sent to help Rand kick-start his search, armed only with her uncanny sixth sense. But what they discover in their race across Europe is more far-reaching and lethal than an erotic street drug. From a Barcelona bank heist to a million-dollar arms deal in Paris, Dakota and Rand give in to an insatiable craving for each other in nights of pure carnal delight, no senses left untouched. No Rapture necessary.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 5.00