A Devil Named Desire

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A Devil Named Desire

Devil's Bargain, Book 2

Hope made a deal with the devil to find her missing sister. Gabriel is an angel who tries to save her soul and protect her at all costs. Hope makes it tough on Gabriel, since she thinks he's murdered her neighbor. Gabriel is about to give up, when someone helps him realize he can't take it personally. He really needs to protect Hope before it's too late.

I liked the interaction between the characters, although I'm not particularly fond of the plot using the contrast between heaven/hell and angels/devils. The story revolved around good versus evil and the good did prevail which is always a plus in a paranormal romance. Love and respect is shown between the hero and heroine, along with varied bouts of high emotional connection between all the characters. The story is ultimately about love; the romantic love between hero and heroine, and the sibling love between the other characters. There isn't an awful lot of sex and it wasn't overdone. A Devil Named Desire has an intricate plot that keeps your attention and will have you cheering for the good guy!

Book Blurb for A Devil Named Desire

Desperate to find her missing sister, Hope Hanson will do anything it takes, including making a deal with the Devil. When her search leads her to an ancient and powerful book of spells, archangel Gabriel must step in before Hope opens a doorway to the Darkness that can never be closed. As the battle between Light and Darkness rages, the heat that burns between Gabriel and Hope flames hotter and higher, and they both learn that desire is a demon that cannot always be controlled.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00