Web of Lies

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Web of Lies

Jewel of the Night

The book starts out with some drama, and a whole lot of mystery. I have to admit it did take me a few chapters to get completely interested in the book. To me the beginning was jumping between the different characters and there was no real clarity about what was going on.

About half way through the book, I got really interested in it. I started wondering what was going to happen and how the characters were going to be involved with each other.

I completely enjoyed reading about the main characters and how they flirted together. I actually found some parts of the book to be a little comical when it came to Cody and how he flirts with Amber. Their relationship throughout the book grew from harmless flirting and protection to all out love for each other. It was nice to read and watch grow.

As the book came to the end, I loved how there was twist before the ending. I think that every good book always has a twist to make you realize that not everything is tied up nicely in a bow. There are always a few snags before it is right.

I am glad that I took the time to read such an amazing book. The more I read the more I couldn't stop reading it. This book had it all, drama, romance with a hint of mystery. With all of these elements, this book is recommended to those who need to be reminded that even though life has its downs, it has ups as well.

Book Blurb for Web of Lies

The Mob…A Saudi prince… Assassins…The police…

All chasing Amber Norris because they believe she has the Blue Diamond: a priceless Saudi heirloom that her ex-husband supposedly gave her before he was murdered. On the run with her young daughter, Amber’s only hope for survival is Detective Cody Maguire. But only if she can convince him she didn’t steal the diamond or murder her ex.

Despite the evidence stacked against her, Cody knows Amber is innocent of murder—professional assassins killed her husband—but his instincts tell him she knows more than she’s telling about the jewel. Too bad his heart is telling him something else.

With a bounty on her head and hit men closing in, Amber is running out of time. Can they find the stolen diamond—and their chance at love? Or will Amber’s past destroy them?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00