Quantum Trilogy, #2

In book two of the Quantum Trilogy we find out that one secret can lead to a broken trust that just might not be able to be fixed.

Flynn and Natalie are still together and going strong. It looks like they both got their fairy tale romance and for Natalie, her happily ever after. That is until she finds Flynn's friends hidden BDSM playroom. From there things shatter. Can Natalie trust Flynn? After her past she cannot live half a life anymore. What is she to do?

In between all that Flynn is suspected of murder.

With this being a continuing series I don't want to give too much of the story away.

I cannot wait to see what happens in the final book. I hope Flynn and Natalie can be together.

M.S. Force is a penname for Marie Force…but expect something different from her in these books.

Book Blurb for Valorous

New York Times bestselling author Marie Force writing as M.S. Force…

He’s a sexual dominant. She’s sworn off sex. There’s no way they can make a relationship work—or can they?

The series continues in book 2.

If you hate dirty-talking heroes who put it all on the line for the women they love, who leave no desire unfulfilled, who will do anything it takes to protect what’s theirs…If elements of BDSM make you queasy, if smoking hot sex isn’t your thing, if cliffhangers make you rage, if you hate first-person points of view from the heroine AND the hero... this trilogy is NOT for you! You’ve been warned…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.50