Undone by the Duke

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Undone by the Duke

Secrets in Silk

I liked this book. It brought a lot with it. It had drama and romance. It was the perfect blend for a historical romance. I loved how the author put everything together. I am looking forward to reading the next book written by this author. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite historical writers.

Victoria is a very selfless person. She has not taken a step outside her home in over five years. She made her mother and sister to go London without her for the holidays. She just never knew that making them leave would change her fate and future. She never thought that by helping a wounded man her entire world would change.

Jonathan was shot because he was mistaken for someone else. He was then brought to the nearest household for help and recovery. He never thought that a gunshot wound would change his life so completely. He never thought that he would find his match.

Victoria brought Jonathan back to his perfect health. She took care of him until he was well enough to leave on his own. Throughout their time together they talked about themselves but very little was said on Jonathan’s part. He did not want anyone to know exactly who his is. Jonathan found out that Victoria is completely afraid of leaving her home. So they both made a deal. He would help her get over her fear before he was well enough to leave.

As Jonathan was healing Victoria and he got closer and closer. They talked about a lot of things when they were together. It helped because they always shared their meals and it stopped the uncomfortable silence. Victoria actually started to have some feelings for him. But she knew that she would never be able to make him a good wife because of her fear.

Jonathan finally got Victoria outside one day. But it was not in the way he thought.

When Victoria’s mother comes back she is in for a surprise and readers will be too.

Book Blurb for Undone by the Duke

Victoria has a secret... Reclusive designer Victoria Andrews hasn't gone outside in five years, though she yearns to escape the prison of her house. She designs sensual lingerie for the most exclusive dressmaker in London, although she has never known a man's touch.

A Duke in disguise... Wounded and stranded in Scotland, Jonathan Nottoway, the Duke of Worthingstone, is avoiding the murderous scandal that darkened his family name. As his wounds heal, he spends several sensual nights with the beautiful seamstress who knows nothing of his true identity.

A passionate awakening Can a woman trapped by her emotional scars be able to love a duke, when it means abandoning her safe world to embrace the life of a duchess?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.00