The Perfect Man

This book held three novellas. Three best friends think they do not deserve love. In these novellas we learn that when you are not looking is when you find love.

Melanie went to Paris without her best friends. When she had her backpack stolen, she thought she would be lost and alone. When a good Samaritan went after her backpack and then offered her a place to stay and to help her, she fell in love. She decided not to let him go.

Astrid is a vet and loves to keep hidden that she is wealthy. She wants to do what she loves without getting money involved. When she helps a local cowboy with a foe, she fights her attraction because he is a client. But when he pushed her buttons she throws everything to the wind. It was the best thing she could have done.

Valerie was suffering from PTSD and literally ran into someone who would be able to help her through it. She goes to his ranch to work with his horses and she fell in love. She fell in love with him and his ranch. Even though she was cautious about him she was very happy with herself that she decided to stay and fight.

I completely enjoyed reading this book. I loved that it was three novellas and they were all connected. I did wish that the novellas were a little longer. I recommend this book to the readers who love novellas and happy endings.

Book Blurb for The Perfect Man

New York Times Bestselling Author Vicki Lewis Thompson presents a sweet, sexy novel about saddling up, getting lucky, and finding love....

Sorority sisters Melanie, Astrid, and Valerie have been inseparable since college. Even years after graduating, they still get together to debate their favorite topic: Who is the perfect man?

While growing up on a ranch, Melanie always assumed that she’d marry a cowboy until a Parisian adventure introduces her to a dashing Texas billionaire and makes her doubt what she really wants.

Astrid’s parents expect her to settle down with someone rich, but when she can’t keep her hands off a hardworking and handsome rancher, her world turns upside down....

After a terrifying accident, Valerie doesn’t expect ever to risk love again until she meets the one man no woman can resist: a billionaire cowboy....

As the three argue over what makes a man a great catch a pocketful of dollars or spurs on his boots they discover that the perfect man is sometimes exactly what you’d least expect....

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 3.50