The First Wife

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The First Wife

I loved The First Wife. The book was different from what I thought it would be, but still amazing. Throughout the story there is a typical mystery of who done it. There were the usually suspects, but not who actually did it. I was a little shocked when I found out who is the murderer. This author did a wonderful job of keeping the readers guessing. She sucked youth into her world from the very first page. You will want to keep reading to see who will be next and who will be found guilty.

Bailey went on a vacation to grieve her mother's death. She never thought that she would meet the man she would want to spend the rest of her life with. But little did she know the secrets that are hidden within the family. Bailey and her new husband wanted to move forward in their marriage but when she ends up in the hospital with a bump on the head, she looses her memory. She tries to get her memory back and solve all the questions in her head.

Book Blurb for The First Wife

As a child, Bailey Browne dreamed of a knight in shining armor swooping in to rescue her and her mother. As she grows older, those dreams transform, becoming ones of a mysterious stranger who will sweep her off her feet and whisk her away from her ordinary existence. Then, suddenly, there he is. Despite the ten year difference in their ages, her working class upbringing and his of privilege, Logan Abbott and Bailey fall deeply in love. Marriage quickly follows.

But when Logan brings her home to his horse farm in Louisiana, a magnificent estate on ninety wooded acres, her dreams of happily-ever-after begin to unravel. A tragic family history she knew nothing about surfaces, plus whisperings about the disappearance of his first wife, True, and rumors about the women from the area who have gone missing—and when another woman disappears, all signs point to her husband's involvement.

At first Bailey ignores the whispers, even circumstantial evidence against Logan mounts. But finally, Bailey must make a choice: believe what everyone says—or bet her life on the man she loves, but is realizing she hardly knows.

From the author of Justice for Sara, Erica Spindler's The First Wife is a thrilling new novel that will have you gasping on every page.

This book is available as an audio book.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.50