The Counterfeit Mistress

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The Counterfeit Mistress

Fairbourne Quartet, #3

Marielle is an escape from France. She was running away to stay alive. She moved to London under a false identity as to cover up who she really is and why she was running in the first place. She opened up her own printing business so help her woman friends with money and jobs. She also used the printers to send secret messages back to France about whom their leader was and why he is a horrible man. She just did not know that one day while on one of her little excursions she was be followed by a man who would change her life forever. She never thought that she would let him into her life let alone her heart.

Kendale is a Viscount who feels that it is his duty to arrest all the spies in London who are from their enemy France. He followed Marielle for a long time trying to catch her in one of her spy excursions. He was not completely sure if she was a spy or just a simple woman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. As he was investigating her, he had to get close to her and earn her trust. He just never thought while he was getting close to her that he would want to be with her. And he never in his life thought that he would fall in love.

Marielle knew from the very beginning when Kendale was following her everywhere she went. She just did not care. She went about her business like any other person, but when she had to deliver some papers to go to France, she made sure that she lost him first. She thought that he would give up on following her. That was until one day that he actually knocked on her door and introduced himself.

After he introduced himself they became quite close. They even met for rendezvous in a cottage between where he lived and her house. They both kept a secret from each other though. By the end of the book, the truth of both Kendale and Marielle came out.

Since I loved this author form the very beginning, I was glad to have the opportunity to read this book. It fulfilled my expectations and I cannot wait to read another book that is written by this author. Her historical romances are a page turner.

Book Blurb for The Counterfeit Mistress


From the beloved New York Times bestselling Madeline Hunter comes this riveting historical romance, in which a darkly handsome nobleman is determined to unmask a delicate and mysterious young beauty...

A refugee from the war in France, Marielle Lyon has established herself at the fringes of London society. Claiming to be the niece of an executed aristocrat, Marielle welcomes the gossip that she is a spy. The more eyes she has watching her, the better protected she is?and the better chance she has of saving her father’s life.

A warrior at heart, Alban Norwood, Viscount Kendale, would still be in uniform if not for his older brother’s untimely death. After all he’s seen, Kendale doesn’t trust the French?or their femmes fatales. He has set up a surveillance network to ferret out undercover agents, and he believes he’s found one in the delicate, mysterious Marielle.

Ready to pounce on his tempting prey, Kendale arranges a meeting with Marielle, who is more beautiful and more cunning than he anticipated. But the Viscount is ready to do whatever it takes to unmask her?even if it means playing a game of seduction

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50