See How They Run

This book was completely different from the other romantic suspense books I have read. It started out with the present then did flashbacks to the past so that you knew what leads up to the present. It is a very good and interesting read.

Barbara has been on the run from a man for a very long time. She is trying her best to raise her son while in hiding. Her one error was to do what any other Good Samaritan would to, help others. By her helping someone else, it got reported in a newspaper and the man found out where she lives.

Barbara fell in love with a rich man who was not what she expected. The man, Hamilton, broke their engagement because his parents told him to. He did not know that she was pregnant nor did he know that the things his parents told him were lies. Russ, Hamilton’s friend, became Barbara’s savior when everything blew up in her face. The family lawyer, Decker, was the one who told her about the break up, while asking for everything that was given to her back.

When Barbara realizes how obsessed with her and her son he really is, she leaves. She has had restraining orders in every state she went to that he found her in., which lead her to her current situation. Decker and Russ both found her. Decker wants her because of Matthew, her son; Hamilton’s parents found out about him and want him. That is because Russ thinks that Matthew is his son and wants them both backs.

After the newspaper report, Barbara made a new friend, Tammy. Tammy, to Barbara’s knowledge, worked in the same building as she did. They then became fast friends. Tammy even babysat Matthew for her. Matthew got a major crush on her.

Barbara also met a man named Kyle. He saved her pocketbook from getting stolen. Their relationship started out slow because Barbara was extremely cautious. She also told Kyle everything that happened to her. She wanted to be completely honest just in case he could not handle it.

Tammy was actually helping out Decker and Russ at the same time. Neither one of them knew about it. She just wanted a way to get rich quick and did not care whom she hurt to get what she wanted. Decker had hired Russ to find Barbara and anything else he could use to get what he wanted, which was Matthew. Russ just wanted what he thought was his family.

Barbara found out the truth about everyone, even who Kyle actually was. She forgave the people who needed to be forgiven. She also learned to give her heart out again and love.

There was soooooooo many twists and turns in this book that I could not stop reading it. There was always something new to learn about the characters. The way that the author kept you in suspense about what was going to happen next was extremely brilliant. I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially to those who love little surprises throughout their books.

Book Blurb for See How They Run

After nine years on the run, Barbara Johnson thought she was safe at last. Safe with her little boy, Matthew. Safe in a new city, with a new name. Safe from the abusive man she had run from. Safe from the wealthy family that had the power to take her child from her. More than anything Barbara wanted to raise her son with love and try to find affection and comfort for herself. She just wanted to feel safe.

But Barbara isn't safe. A savage twist of fate unexpectedly strips away her disguise. And now those who wanted to hurt her and steal her child are coming after her, with every trick of the law and every weapon of lawless terror. There is no one Barbara can trust to help her, not even the seemingly perfect lover who has entered her life and heart.especially not him.

As icy peril from the past converges with a burning passion in the present, a mother's greatest fear turns into a woman's ultimate nightmare.

***This is a revised and updated version of the original (1996) released by Penguin/Onyx.***

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.75