Last Chance Hero

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Last Chance Hero

I have always loved books by Hope Ramsay. Her Last Chance Series is no exception. This is another amazing book for this series. I cannot wait to see what happens next in the small town of Last Chance.

Readers are in for a contemporary romance and series that will have them seeking out more books in this series. The characters and setting are superb.

The Story:

Ross thought he had figured out everything. He got the house, the dog and the job. So he figured that it was time to marry Lucy. But Lucy has other ideas.

Sabrina always looked out for her sister Lucy for years. Putting her sister’s happiness before her own. That is until she figured out that she loved Ross and his dog. She knew she couldn’t stay in the way of her sister’s happiness so she never said a word.

When a series of fires breaks out Lucy gets blamed for them. Ross and Sabrina kept getting put together because of family functions. Lucy takes up the torch to make sure her sister gets her happily ever after.

Pick this book up to get pulled into a great series.

Book Blurb for Last Chance Hero

Ross Gardiner has had his fill of difficult relationships. Returning to Last Chance after a rough divorce, the town's handsome new fire chief just wants safety and stability-a tall order given his dangerous job and the way he has the attention of all the single women in town. All except Sabina Grey, the girl who stole his heart when they were teenagers.

Sabina knows a lot about playing it safe. Always the good girl, she's now responsible for her antiques store and caring for her sister. But having Ross in town brings back the memory of one carefree summer night when she threw caution to the wind-and almost destroyed her family. Now that they are both older and wiser, will the spark still be there, even though they've both been burned?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.00