Hold On My Heart

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Hold On My Heart

Libby moved back home because she lost her job and her boyfriend was away on business. So in the town that she grew up in makes her feel welcome until she can decide what she wants to do and so that she can find a new job. While she was looking for a job, her father asked her help in his restoration project. She just did not think she would meet the best thing that would come into her life. She never thought she would fall in love so hard and so fast. But she finally found out that loving someone happens spontaneously and quickly.

Tom is still recovering from the loss of his wife. His daughter hates him and he has no clued what to do about it. All that he knows is that he is good at restoring old buildings and making them modern. He wants his daughter to be back in his home and he wants to be happy again. He just never thought that to be happy he had to be hired to fix an old building and turn it into an ice cream shop. He did not think the one person who would make him want to live again who be the one who he fell in love with. He just is scared and worried what would happen when his past and his present collide. But he finally realized that love helps everything.

Throughout the book our two main characters both thought that they did not need each other in their lives. They are both stubborn and think they do not need anyone’s help. But Tim wised up and got the help he needed to start being able to talk to his daughter again. Libby finally started to realize that her family had a lot of quirks but she loved them anyway. She also realized that she was falling in love with Tim. Tim did not realize he was falling in love with Libby for quite a while.

Throughout the book there were ups and downs for both of the main characters. But in the end they both realized that they can balance each other out. The also realized that they loved each other enough to work through everything together. I love the last line in the book. It completely brought everything together.

This book is a must read. Once you pick it up you will not be able to put it down. The author wrote an amazing book. She wrote about the things that can happen in live and in any relationship. Her sex scenes were even steamy.

Please go out and read this book. You will not regret it.

Book Blurb for Hold On My Heart

To build a future, sometimes you have to tear down the past…

Chicago event planner Libby Hamilton can turn any bland setting into a dramatic venue—but when she abruptly loses her job, and her fair-weather boyfriend moves to another state, Libby suddenly finds herself back in the tiny town she grew up in. Worse than that, her father wants help transforming an old schoolhouse into a vintage ice cream parlor and Libby must trade in her power suits for power tools.

Widowed restoration specialist Tom Murphy can rebuild just about anything—except the shattered relationship he shares with his teenaged daughter. Hired by Libby’s father, Tom isn’t interested in sharing the details of his personal life with beautiful, spunky Libby. He just wants to get the job done. But she is tenacious – and sexy – and it doesn’t take long before she breaks down his walls, builds up his hope, and gets a hold on his heart that won’t let go.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50