Gold Fire

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Gold Fire

Zoe is the type of person that always has a goal planned out. She always has a list that she compares everything to, especially her type of man. She is a hotel assistant manager and was asked to see if the owner of a bar that they were looking into would sell. She never thought that meeting the bar owner would change her life. She thought she knew what she wanted in a man. But that completely changed. What she thought she knew she wanted and what she thought she knew about life completely changed for her. Her life was turned upside down by meeting one single man. A man that she fell head over heels in love with.

Jase is the owner of a bar. He has been through some tough times and only had the bar to help him with his past. He hired friends and family that he could trust. He always thought that he could just flow through life with just the bar and no serious relationship. He never thought that one woman would change the way he thought about things. He did not know that when he met her he never thought he would want to change his way of thinking and living because of her. He fell in love but did not know what was going to happen. He just knew that he wanted her and would convince her till she felt the same way.

Throughout the book, the main characters were at each other’s throats. Zoe wanted Jase to sell and Jase doesn’t want to. Every time they argued the sexual tension would increase. I loved how they slowly came together throughout the book. I loved how no matter what was thrown at them they always were together. Most of the problems that were going on were at the bar and Zoe and Jase blamed each other.

I was surprised when I found out who was actually behind most of the problems at the bar. I did not think that person it turned out to be helped in the overall scheme of things. I completely enjoyed finding out that surprise.

I loved the way the author put the characters together. The complete opposite personalities meshed so well when they were together. I completely loved the way that every time they were together the tensions between them always increased until they finally slept together.

I was completely sucked into the book from page one. I wanted to always know what was going on and what was going to happen next. The author wrote an amazing book and I cannot wait to read more of what she has written.

Book Blurb for Gold Fire

Seal the deal with a kiss.

Zoe Larkin is facing the biggest career opportunity of her life, and she’s not going to let Jase Garrett ruin it for her. The infuriatingly sexy owner of the Rusty Wire, the hottest honky-tonk saloon in Barringer’s Pass, flat-out refuses to sell his bar and its surrounding land to her employer, the Alpine Sky ski resort. If Zoe can convince the stubborn cowboy to change his mind, she’ll not only impress her rich, handsome boss, but maybe—just maybe—people in town will finally start to take her seriously.

When the Rusty Wire becomes the repeated target of violent intimidation tactics, though, the spunky redhead’s meticulous to-do lists and conservative blazers are no defense against her wild child reputation. The only person who understands what it takes to forget the past is standing between her and the future. But is it the future she wants? Or will Jase’s electric kiss ignite a fire in her heart for the life she truly desires?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.50