Going Deep

Mustangs Baseball #2

Jason is a professional baseball player who just got out of a relationship because the girl he was with was not into what he wanted in the bedroom. So when she left he went to a friend who found out what he wanted and he then met his submissive. He just thought that he could keep his professional and private life separate. But he never knew how wrong he was.

Carrie is a freelance reporter who works from home most of the time. The other time she is looking for the perfect man to fit her needs. She loves being dominated and she needs someone who can provide that for her. Through a friend of hers she does meet a man. And she was in complete agreement that their private lives need to be kept separate from their professional ones. That way no one would get hurt. She never knew that by doing that her two words would meet and she would be in love.

In the beginning both Jason and Carrie agreed to keep things between them as private as they could be. She agrees to wear a blindfold and not remove it until she knows he was gone. She knew that he was just being cautious with himself and with her. So that nothing would be made public until he was comfortable enough to change it. This is the way it went on few months. It was the best time both of them had, Jason improved with his baseball skills and Carrie started to have feelings for Jason. All in all they were quite happy.

But like in any book something happens to their happiness. There was something that Carrie wrote that put Jason in the wrong in the eyes of the press and baseball fanatics. He never knew it was her…until things blow up. They are miserable without each other. It will take outside influences for them to get their happily ever after.

I liked how the author plotted this title. It actually took me a little while to figure out how these two characters would have a problem come along. But I loved how that was written into it. It made the book flow better and brought a new understanding about being honest in a relationship.

I recommend this book to other book lovers. It has drama, romance and kink. It is the best of all worlds. I cannot wait to find out what else the author has written and read those books as well.

Book Blurb for Going Deep

Keeping Carrie blindfolded and in the dark as to his identity suits Major League catcher Jason Holder just fine while he figures out if being a Dom really is his thing. With the media circling like vultures as he works to get his career back on track, the last thing he needs is a sex scandal if things don’t work out.

Just when he’s got it all under control a new kind of scandal from an unexpected source threatens everything, and Jason soon finds out that what you don’t know can hurt you.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.50