Flash Burned

Burned Deep Trilogy, #2

OMG!!!! I sooo love this series. The title for this book is amazing. I love how the author incorporates her titles with her storylines...simply amazing.

This is the second book in a trilogy. I have to say that this book was as amazing as the first.

In this book Ari and Dane admit that they cannot live without each other and that leads to something special. Ari figures out that Dane is putting a plan in place just incase anything happens to him. It’s a good thing he did too. Because their hotel blows up and the world thinks Dane has died in the explosion, including Ari. While she is trying to move on she finds out a little surprise. Then a bigger surprise. Dane was alive and working to get the silent investors put away.

I so cannot wait to read the final book. I want to know what happens to them and if Ari and Dane live happily. The suspense is killing me!!!!

Book Blurb for Flash Burned

Though I held a claim over him, Dane Bax owned me. Possessed me. Call it whatever you wished, he had become my world. My lifeblood. Someone and something I couldn't exist without.

Ari cannot live without Dane. She lives him, breathes him, and aches for pleasures he gives her night after night. But not all is safe in Ari's world. When a group of vicious men hell-bent on ruining Dane shatters their bliss, Ari is left alone and bereft, save for her best friend Kyle, who has loved her since he first laid eyes on her.

Kyle knows that Ari's heart truly belongs to another, but he will still do everything he can to protect Ari...and hope that he can seduce her as he does. Kyle is loving, kind, desirable, and completely someone that Ari could fall for. But even as she and Dane are separated by the most dire of circumstances, she will not give up on the man who has shaken her to her very core...in Flash Burned by Calista Fox.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.50