Midnight Playground, Book 4

At the beginning of the book, I loved how the characters were introduced. Ever, as well learned, is extremely old and is severely depressed. Deo and Mercy are two young vampires who have no clue about the rules or anything else. As long as they are together, they will muddle through their life.

The more I read the more I want Ever to be with Deo and Mercy. You can tell that the three of them are extremely attracted to each other. I am curious on how this will all work out between them or will Ever let them go like he has done to others in the past. I cannot wait to find out.

It was interesting to read about how Ever interacted with the Council of vampires. You can tell that he has a history with each one of them. I found it extremely interesting that every time Ever thought it was about Mercy and Deo and what they were doing. It is always nice to learn that vampires have human traits like wondering minds and sexual tension. I actually think I like the sexual tension the best. One can always wonder what will happen when all that tension is released.

The connection between all three vampires is strong. I think that it is stronger then the other pairs that came in the previous books. It might be because of their horrible pasts and the way they were turned, I am not sure. But the chemistry and the sex scenes are the best of the four books. I love how they are always involved with each other, not one of them is left alone when they are together. I appreciate that; it is not always that you find all three characters always together.

This book is definitely my favorite book of the series. I think that it is because of Ever himself. His character has been increasing notice throughout the other books and I always wondered what his story actually was. I am glad that he has found his happy ending; I think that he deserves it the most.

Book Blurb for Eversong

In a realm of dangerously delicious decadence, three lost souls dare to love.

Ever, owner of London's infamous Midnight Playground, fears the pain of his past and the weight of centuries are pushing him to the edge of insanity. Not even his favorite indulgences-sex, blood, companionship-hold his interest. And he wonders, what's the point of immortality when life is unbearably empty?

Into the void stumbles trouble.

Kidnapped, Turned against her will then abandoned by a rogue vampire, Mercy Turned the handsome Deo in a fit of loneliness and despair. Now they stand, frightened and confused, before the Council to be punished for their unintentional crimes. Their fresh innocence, the intensity of their illegal bond, rekindles Ever's sexual and emotional fire.

The trio forges a connection that's more than simply a cure for Ever's lassitude. Its brilliance drives the shadows from his soul.until Mercy is threatened, and he must draw on his darkness to fight for her life. And risk losing his happily forever after to madness.

Warning: Old love lost, new love gained, and in between some of the hottest three-way vampire sex ever seen in Europe! Includes oral sex, anal sex, m/m/f, with a few spanking and rimming scenes because vampires are a dirty bunch.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 5.00