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Swept Away, #2

This is the continuation of a series. After reading the first book I was looking forward to this book. It was not disappointing at all.

Bianca is still searching for information about her father and his death. She begins to ask a lot of questions and the answers she is getting only leads her to more questions. She doesn’t know who to trust. Her best friend is not who she thought she was. Her lover is lying to her but she has no real proof. She needs someone to help her find out the truth.

The ending of this book was another cliffhanger. Which I actually hated and liked that at the same time. I want to know what happens next. I hate that I have to wait for it.

Book Blurb for Disillusioned

Following on the heels of Illusion, indie sensation and New York Times bestselling author J.S. Cooper brings us the second novel in the Swept Away series, a trilogy of dark and sexy romances about a woman marooned on a desert island with a sexy stranger—but is he friend or foe?

When Bianca and Jakob awake on a sandy shore in the middle of nowhere, their first thoughts are of survival. But as they explore their surroundings and try to discover who stranded them on the island, they can’t deny the electricity surging between them. Soon it’s more than just a campfire keeping them warm…

But just as Bianca is starting to trust Jakob, she uncovers a clue to their abduction—and he may know more than he’s letting on. Was Jakob just as surprised as she to find himself alone with her…or could the man she’s fallen for be her captor?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50