Burned Hearts

Burned Deep Trilogy, #3

I have had the privilege and honor to read this entire series. I think this was the beat book of them all. It had all the best things. It had action, drama, fights, and of course hot-hot sex scenes.

***Read the prior books before reading more***

This last book started where the second ended. Ari was pregnant and hiding from people who were trying to kill her and her husband. While Dane was in protective custody she decided she needs to help in her own way.

She starts rebuilding their hotel and was also trying to help with the love and mysteries that came with her husband’s life. Like we know Ari loves solving puzzles.

After Ari has her son things start to fall into place. Puzzle pieces start to align and things start coming together. But of course when that happens Ari and Dane find themselves trying to stay alive.

Throughout the book the suspense only added to the great chemistry between Ari and Dane. Their love to each other and their little family makes you think you can have that too.

If this book could get more than five stars I would give it.

Calista Fox is definitely one author to read and keep your eyes out for. Her writing style is hot steamy page turner. You will regret if you don’t read it.

I cannot wait to see what else she writes.

Book Blurb for Burned Hearts

I just wanted to crawl inside him and be a permanent part of him. I couldn’t get close enough to him, even though we were melded together, our bodies moving in perfect sync with each other. I wanted to be wrapped around his heart, live within his soul, consume his mind.

That was the selfish part of an obsessive, unrelenting love. I wanted to be his every waking thought, every breath he took...

Dane captivated Ari from the first moment their eyes locked. Every second thereafter proved they were either fated for love...or devastation. Ari DeMille Bax has been the target of the axed investors of Dane’s exclusive resort, 10,000 Lux. They will stop at nothing to get their revenge?no matter who they have to take out in order to get to Dane. But as the final stand comes to a head, deception and betrayal threaten to rock the foundation of the life Ari and Dane have started to rebuild. Their intense love and desire for each other continues to burn deep, but the evil surrounding them could rip them apart for good. To save all that they cherish, Ari and Dane must lay their lives and their hearts on the line, once and for all…

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 5.00