Bound By Obsession

The Blood-Vine, #3

This story took me by surprise. I thought it was going to be another boring sex story. I was happy that I was mistaken.

I fell in love with Tray. His kind, stubborn demeanor was a nice touch to his overall personality. I am glad that we were introduced to his family and found out who he truly is. With Beth, it was nice to see her through Tray's eyes. It was nice to see that he was in love with her for a long time and not just a spur of the moment feeling.

I love how the story progressed. It was not just about the main characters; it was about everyone they knew and loved as well. The background story for both Tray and Beth flowed so well with the rest of the storyline that I almost wished the book was a little longer. The reason why I wanted it a little longer is because I wanted to know how the oldest brother reacted to the promise made to Tray about Beth. But I understand why it was not in this book. I do hope that it is in the fourth one though.

I am inclined to read the other books written by this author. Her unique way of writing is what made my read the whole book. Her storyline had multiple characters viewing one relationship different ways. I believe that is what made the book as captivating as it is.

I encourage others to read this book. They will be as captivated by the love and relationship between Tray and Beth as I was. They will also enjoy how they came together to defy the odds between families to show their love.

Book Blurb for Bound By Obsession

In his long life, Traian Komar has managed to escape the mating noose. Being bound forever to a female isn’t anything he’s ready for. However, when he runs into Bethany, a woman from his past, every bonding instinct within him surges to life. Bethany’s the one who got away and he’s never forgotten her. Traian’s sudden obsession with her is all-consuming. But, he can’t do a damned thing about it. Dr. Bethany Miles is a mere mortal, and Kan Asma aristocrats are forbidden to mate with humans.

For several long years, Bethany, a child psychologist, has devoted her life to her work. When a request for an appointment with an adult comes in, she’s ready to refer the case to her colleague … until she notices the patient’s name, Traian Komar. Beset by memories, Bethany agrees to see him. When he shows up, she doesn’t count on the passion he awakens within her.

The moment they’re face-to-face only intensifies the burning lust they’d always resisted. This time, Traian doesn’t hold back. His lack of restraint turns both their lives upside down and uncovers secrets that could jeopardize their growing bond. Because of his refusal to conform to his people’s traditions, Traian risks losing Bethany and any hope they have for love. He must conquer the threat to their mating and find a way to make her his … forever.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.00