As You Wish

Patricia is the last member of her family. She is most known because of her famous last name. However she wants nothing that has to do with her last name. She has always tried to find her own way ever since her parents died. She finally found the one person she cares and loves. The only thing is that he is the caretaker of her home.

Ryan is the caretaker for a famous family in a small town. He usually goes about his business without much of a word to the lady of the house. But one day she comes to him and he never stops going to her after that. He just was never sure if she was playing with him or that she really wanted to be with him.

Throughout the whole book, the chemistry was there between the characters from the very beginning. I loved how the characters always found a way to hide what they were doing from others. They did not want to get caught, nor did they want any rumors to get started.

Patricia finally realizes that she needs Ryan in her life. She just needed to learn that she could not live without him in her life. These two have some things to learn when it comes to love overcoming status.

I loved the way that As You Wish was written. There were just enough sexual scenes to fit into the romance. The whole concept of the book was extremely believable. The author builds upon the concept that there is always that one person who does not care what society thinks about them.

I am going to look up more books by Belle Maurice and see what else she has in store for me.

Book Blurb for As You Wish

When Patricia’s unstoppable friend’s ogling of the gardener turns into a proposition, Patricia feels she must apologize. She’s also hoping it will provide a conversation starter. In the two weeks since she returned from medical school she has managed to come up with not one reason to talk to the gardener beyond asking him to unlock the gates so she can go to work. Instead of brushing off the incident, Ryan is furious. Being treated like meat is something he’s used to, but doesn’t appreciate. When she says she’ll do anything to make it up to him, he orders her to suck him. She obeys. Then she begs him to discipline her again. Behind the locked gates of the estate, everything would be heaven, but the gates must be unlocked and Ryan has a rival for Patricia’s affections. Marrying the rival means giving up Ryan and now that she’s found him, she doesn’t want to let him go.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00