You Can't Always Get the Marquess You Want

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You Can't Always Get the Marquess You Want

A Masters of Seduction Novel, #2

As this was my first introduction to author Alexandra Hawkins I was somewhat skeptical on what to expect from this novel. I had read many exceptional reviews regarding Hawkins as a writer and so I decided to discover for myself this romantic story. In reality and to be quite frank I did not much care for the actual plot of this novel. The writing had a decent creative flow, but the storyline was entirely off.

The center of this novel lays within the heartache of a forbidden love exchanged between the characters, which was fine, but the author tried too desperately hard to convince the reader that this was a less interesting story of Shakespeare's classic of Romeo and Juliet. Within the modern day industry we all know that romance novels mostly contain an HEA-ending. This book was nothing shy of achieving that goal and I think that is why I had the most difficult time with such a forbidden love in such a comparison to R&J.

I also had a dilemma with the ending. In the beginning of my reading I expected a strong, firm ending and what I received was a soft, tender ending that didn't define the actual tone of the novel. So the ending was as a disappointment to me as the plot of the novel was.

Possibly I could be putting too much into the bases of this story, but I think that if you are going to pen a forbidden love novel each of the elements must be present to represent the struggle of the characters and as to why their love is meant to last a lifetime. With that being written, I do plan to give Hawkins a second chance. I do believe the author has a knack for storytelling regardless of the fact that You Cannot Always Get the Marquess You Want was a miss for me.

Book Blurb for You Can't Always Get the Marquess You Want


They call him Chance, though in truth the Marquess of Fairlamb feels bitterly cursed: A long-ago family feud is still standing in the way of his heart’s desire. Lady Tempest is the daughter of his father’s sworn enemy, the Marquess of Norgrave. She is beautiful, innocent, and utterly untouchable. But some seductions are just too good to resist…

Turns out Tempest is a woman of her own mind?and a true romantic who will overcome every obstacle to be with the man of her dreams. But the odds are against handsome, wickedly charming Chance if he intends to win Tempest as his bride. Will he choose loyalty to his family?or risk everything he has for the woman he yearns for?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 3.00