Twelfth Night

A Lady Julia Mystery, #5.6

Having never read any of the previous tales of the infamous Lady Julia Grey until Twelfth Night I came into reading the novella with a sheer blindness that allowed me to judge a character that is unflavored by the likes of many including the ladies of my book club as well as fellow readers that I have had the pleasure of discussing such novels with. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I have to admit that I actually liked Julia from the time that I was introduced to the character.

Of course it was Raybourn's impressive writing that drew me into reading the actual novella as she is one of my favorites. The setting of this novella was perfect and right around the Christmas holiday. I would deeply like to see more backgrounds develop around winter as I too enjoy the crispness of the snow and the bitter breeze of the season's breath. The plot was enjoyable as well and I liked the hints of mystery that Raybourn decided to add into the depths of her novel. It was a far a cry from what I have been reading so far this year and was definitely well worth the read.

I now find myself eager to get my hands on the other novels that tell the story of Julia as I was given only a very satisfying sample of a character that I am anxious to learn more about. Most of the credit goes to the author for creating such a unique and worthy storyline, but I also think I have to offer Julia as a character some of the credit as this novella is written in first person and as a reader I was given a more inside look at the mind of the character herself as well as an understanding as the reasoning behind why Julia did some of things she felt like she needed to do.

As for the novella the ending was well summarized and I do not feel like I was missing out on anything particular. Everything about this novella I liked from the writing, to the characters and even the bits and pieces of the romance that was added in. Those bits only appealed to me that much more. Upon my complexion of this novella I certainly look at Lady Julia much differently now that I have been introduced to her and I am looking forward to learning more about this character and I am excited to see where the journey will lead.

Book Blurb for Twelfth Night

New York Times bestselling author Deanna Raybourn returns with a brand-new novella, starring her beloved heroine, the intrepid Lady Julia Grey

To mark the passing of another decade, the esteemed—and eccentric—March family have assembled at Bellmont Abbey to perform the Twelfth Night Revels for their sleepy English village. But before Lady Julia and her handsome, sleuthing husband, Nicolas Brisbane, can take to the stage, a ruckus in the stable yard demands their attention. An abandoned infant is found nestled in the steel helm of St. George. What's more, their only lead is the local legend of a haunted cottage and its ghastly inhabitant—who seems to have returned.

Once again, Lady Julia and Nicholas take up the challenge to investigate, and when the source of the mystery is revealed, they'll be faced with an impossible choice—one that will alter the course of their lives…forever.

Don't miss a single tale in the Lady Julia Grey series—or Deanna Raybourn's latest novel, City of Jasmine.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00