The Wedding Agreement

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The Wedding Agreement

A Strictly Business Novel, #2

In the beginning of my reading of, “The Wedding Agreement”, I had very high expectations for the story. In fact I was more than ready to finish the previous novel that I was reading and leap into the boundaries of the pages of book three in the Strictly Business series written by author, Elizabeth Hayley. Well, so much for being overly anxious because this book was a major letdown for me.

The writing of this book was very cheesy from the start. I often find that certain contemporary romances are written in this light to add brief encounters of humor to the characters, but I don't personally consider it a positive. I thought that both Casey and Alex didn't know how to properly act like adults and ran around more like hormonal teenagers rather than a man and a woman brought together by the aid of one another. The sex between the characters literally leaped off the page before the story could begin to move forward into the actual plot.

A minor detail to some readers, but such sensual nature has an impact on me as a reviewer. I need to know the characters as individuals in order to actually be able to grade honestly before the author moves onward to sensual conduct. I didn't get a chance to meet Alex nor Casey prior to this or at least in a proper introduction because I witnessed the sensual action first and that is a large flaw.

The only positive that I can think of when writing this review has to be the fact that Alex was willing to do anything for his daughter including having Casey portraying the role of his soon-to-be-wife. I thought that this characteristic of Alex showed his true character better than any other portion of the book could have done. This was the hero that I was looking for in Alex and wanted him to be, I just wish the author would have remained loyal to such details.

There was just way too much chaos in this book for me between the characters running around, the sensual nature and the language of the characters to actually get the fill I wanted to have for the book for me to recommend it. In the end there just wasn't enough story or true romance to understand the concept of what the narrative voice of the author was trying to explain.

Book Blurb for The Wedding Agreement

The author of Just Say Yes is back with another sweet and sultry Strictly Business novel about working hard and falling harder into an unexpected romance...

Love doesn’t always follow the same schedule... 

Alex Walker doesn’t need a woman in his life. In fact, he doesn’t have time for one. Between his career in the FBI and the demands of being good father, romance is an unwanted distraction. 

Likewise, Cassidy Mullen is fine on her own. The independent career woman has never had a husband in her plans—forget about kids. But when her friend Alex gets into a bind with his ex over their daughter, Cass finds herself suddenly playing the part of Alex’s stable, child-loving fiancée—and liking it a lot more than she’d care to admit.

Soon Alex and Cass can’t deny the real passion growing between them. But as fake affection turns into real love, Cass and Alex will have to make a choice: say “I Do” to their feelings or give up on happily-ever-after for good...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 2.50