The Reunion

A Sugar Cay Story

Whenever I am reviewing a title I always attempt to keep an open mind when reading. I don't mind admitting that I am usually not the biggest fan of new adult novels even if I have read a few, selective titles that I have really enjoyed. However The Reunion wasn't a typical NA read and Haymore had me hooked with this fun and sexy novella!

I consider myself a fan of Haymore, but I was more than a little skeptical when I found out that the author was planning to write a NA series. I vastly enjoy reading the beautiful, historical romances that Haymore pens. So I was hesitant when I selected The Reunion for review. In the end I was very happy that I took the chance, because I have reread this novella over and over again because I cannot get enough!

The credit has to go to Haymore for her brilliance in creating NA novels that follow the standards of what most readers can certainly expect to find in such novels and yet the creativity that I admire about the author was there from the start. I overly find myself savoring the writing flows of authors such Haymore who can write a large number of genres and still be able to deliver to their devoted readers. This trait is something that I would very much like to find more of when I am reading newer authors.

Haymore also put my mind to ease after I was a little worried about how the chemistry and the romance would flow between Zoey and Nathan. They are the main characters of The Reunion. The reason I was worried was the fact neither have seen each other since their breakup over three years ago, but Haymore created a romantic novella that was not unrealistic. I really liked how sweet Nathan was with Zoey and how easily he was able to realize his mistake in walking away from her all those years ago. As for Zoey, I liked how she was able to fall in love with Nathan all over again and didn't hold a grudge over their split. This allowed for the romance to really stand out within the novella.

The Reunion is also a great getaway read about friendships, love and second chances and I cannot wait for the continuation of the series!

Book Blurb for The Reunion

A woman who has it all...

Zoey Hanson has moved on since her breakup with Nathan Richards three years ago. She’s independent, she has a career she loves, and she’s in the market to buy her first house. Everything is perfect—absolutely perfect. Now she’s off to Sugar Cay, the most beautiful island in the world, to spend spring break with her best friends. If only her ex wasn’t going to be there, too. Hopefully this time he won’t have a runway model draped on his arm. Good thing Zoey has kept her firearms at home—hopefully that’ll prevent any potential violence against one of Nathan’s too-perfect girlfriends.

A man who knows what he wants...

The worst mistake Nathan ever made was walking away from Zoey. Now, he’s determined to win her back, and there’s no better place for seduction than on the romantic island of Sugar Cay. There’s one minor problem, though—Zoey and Nathan live and work on different coasts. But Nathan is an optimist by nature: first, he’s going to reel her in, then he’ll convince her to be a part of his life in San Francisco. His seduction proceeds as planned, until Zoey realizes she’s falling hard and fast for Nathan all over again. Then all hell breaks loose...and Nathan must reevaluate his plan, or he just might lose Zoey forever.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50