The Laird's Reckoning

Romancing the Pirate Book 6

“The Laird’s Reckoning,” is by far one of the best historical-romances that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. When I first selected this novel for review I was a little skeptical. To be honest I am over the pirate troupe that has swept through romances like the waves of the seas themselves. Still, I have always had a somewhat fondness for pirates and so I decided to give this book a chance-I was happy I did so.

To begin with the writing within this novel is outstanding and I could very well suggest this book based solely on the fact that the author certainly knows how to pen a romance. The writing itself is so descriptive, so beautiful, so immensely packed full of historical action that I was blown away. The writing found within this novel is the kind of writing I would love to see in all romance novels.

Of course, it was not only the writing that was impressive. The romance itself was equally entertaining. I loved the passion between the characters. I felt like this book had a live-or-die for your lover theme and I couldn’t get enough of the romance. I will mention that I did find the romance to be rather tame and yet exciting all at the same time.

As for the plot, it was more of a standard storyline that a reader would expect to find in a historical-romance. I did like enjoy the story itself but I would have liked to see a little different climax for the overall bases.

I recommend this novel. It is a true treat for all readers and I am looking forward to continuing reading from the author, Jennifer Bray-Weber in the near future.

Book Blurb for The Laird's Reckoning

Pirate or Laird…?

Birk Bane was born the second son, the unwanted son, the unneeded son. Crossed by family and falsely accused of a crime, he flees Scotland to the sea where he’s recruited by a pirate. Five years later, he’s captain of his own ship and embraces his new life, though an ache for the woman he left behind remains. When he receives word of his father’s death and his clan is floundering, Birk begrudgingly returns home. Little does he know there’s more he left behind than a title…much more.

Sheena MacRae helped Birk escape to safety years ago, always expecting he’d return. Time passes and she believes him to be dead. With her clan being terrorized and slaughtered, she accepts she is the only one who can stop the suffering by agreeing to marry Laird Gordon, the man behind the assaults. The man who is also poised to rule Birk’s clan. Despite the crushing need to hold Birk in her arms once more, his reappearance changes nothing. Sheena has too much to lose if she reneges the betrothal to Gordon. And while Birk’s intentions are to return to the sea after reclaiming his clan, she didn’t count on her pirate lover’s plan for revenge…

The longer he’s home, the more betrayal Birk uncovers. There will be a fiery battle ahead for Birk and his brethren. If he survives, how will he choose between the life he loves and the love of his life?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2017 4.00