The Knave of Hearts

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The Knave of Hearts

Rhymes With Love, #5

I'll make a quick confession that without a doubt I've fallen in head-over-heels in love with the writings of Boyle. Whenever a novel or a novella is to be released by the author I simply must have it at the earliest of conveniences and this book was not by any means different in my quest. The story itself was one of my most sought after reads of the year and overall I was not disappointed by my readings.

The plot of this book was simply divine.

In many ways the plot was a grand adventure that I couldn't wait to explore. Of course having a hero such as Alaster, "Tuck" as he is referred countlessly throughout the book certainly aided in my love for the plot. Together he and Livy made for quite the pair within historical-romance that I doubt I will be forgetting this couple anytime soon.

As for the flaw of the book I had an issue with the romance. Throughout most of the beginning of the book the romance is absent as is the chemistry between Tuck and Livy. I found this to be of a major concern for me when I compared this book to the previous books within Boyle's, Rhymes of Love series because the romance is always the star of the novels. However this was not the case with this book and this is by far my only complaint about the story.

Naturally as the book progressed so did both the attraction between the duo as well as the romance began to pickup, but I wanted to see much more of both the romance and the chemistry throughout the largest portion of the story.

I would recommend this book because of my admiration to Boyle as an author as well as this book was certainly worth the wait flaws or not.

Book Blurb for The Knave of Hearts

In the fifth novel of the captivating Rhymes With Love series from New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Boyle, a young woman's hopes of a match encounter a wickedly handsome complication . . .

Lavinia Tempest has been eagerly anticipating a spectacular season. But one disastrous pile-up on the Almack's dance floor derails all her plans. Add to that, the very stunning revelations about her mother's scandalous past have become the ton's latest on dits. Lavinia's future has gone from shining bright to blackest night in one misstep.

Alaster "Tuck" Rowland admits he's partly to blame for Lavinia's disastrous debut. But it's not guilt that compels him to restore her reputation. Rather, he's placed a wager that he can make Lavinia into one of the most sought-after ladies in London. Who better than an unrepentant rake to set society astir?

Tuck's motives are hardly noble. But in teaching the lovely Lavinia how to win any man she wants, he suddenly finds himself tangled in the last place he ever imagined: in love.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.50